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Artist: Om

Title: Altona

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: November, 2011


1. Te Extrano
2. Lost Look
3. La Esperanza
4. Desesperacion
5. Revivir
6. Earthquake Feelings
7. Enjoy the meditation
8. La Duda
9. Hijos
10. Viene


Ovnimoon must be a label with deep pockets because they seem to churn out an album every week. Hector Stuardo is the jefe there and his psy-gressive style usually yields positive results. But here he adopts a personality that moves in an entirely different direction.


Slowly. Very slowly.


Seems Hector decided to try his hand at the drone/ambient style of things. Now drone, at least for me, has a negative connotation. As in "My wife continued to drone on and on about nothing in particular." Words that you never say to your wife chapter 7. Anyways, the main thing this will do is relax you. Long and I do mean long pads float slowly by like cotton candy clouds and before you know it 5 minutes went by. Because a lot isn't happening with the music it allows your mind becomes the storyteller to weave a tale to which even you don't know the ending.


Or at least think of all the sh*t you need to do today.


Desesperacion was more dark ambient with a creepy feel, but even that one had him just turning the volume down in the middle and then turning it back up.


I might not be the best person to review drone music. But because I don't normally travel in that genre maybe I am precisely what you need. There's music that is relaxing and engaging. Altona was a lot of the former and not enough of the latter. You know what this is...background noise. Meditation music. Hell, he even names one of his tracks Enjoy the meditation. If the mind is not challenged or stimulated then it shall wander. I expect to hear this music when I'm getting a hot stone massage by a nude Salma Hayek.


A guy can dream can't he?




"OMG Hector tried to kill the vice president!!!"










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