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Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Gourmet Everything EP


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Artist: Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd

Title: Gourmet Everything EP

Label: Adapted Records

Date: November, 2012


01 - Bloss (129 BPM)
02 - Gourmet Everything (105 BPM)
03 - Bloss (Circuit Bent Remix) (86 BPM)
04 - Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat Remix) (110 BPM)


Mr. Bill is known for his glitchy hip-hop beats that usually have a great and funky result. Check out his Suave EP for further music to cruise down the street in your 64. I've never heard of Freddy Todd, but he's from Detroit and that's something. At least they got rid of the dead guy in front of city hall.




Sh*t, Syria looks better.


I would describe this music as trying to shoehorn as many sounds in a track as possible. Like a fat guy at a buffet there's always room for one more. You get two tracks and 2 remixes of those tracks. Picture a room full of servers having an orgasm of ones and zeros. Binary release!


Not really impressed. The Circuit Bent Remix of changes things though. It's gangster dubstep without tooth loss and excessive bleeding. Slow, grooving yet playful while being a little less random. It's still chock full of blips, blops, and other sh*t, but much more cohesive than the original.


The Fruitbat Remix takes the original and inserts a thundering bass with an increase in tempo. Again less crowded than the original and you can actually follow where it's going.


So I liked the last two tracks.


Free at Ektoplazm

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