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Artist: Ioon

Title: The Ioonfinite Loop

Label: Psyderweb Records

Date: January, 2013


01 - Totally Let It Go (100 BPM)
02 - Ayamm (Innuendo Number 104) (104 BPM)
03 - Change The Nadi Flow (Guitars by DvZ) (100 BPM)
04 - Aes Drama (95 BPM)
05 - The Ioonfinite Loop (100 BPM)
What a crazy name.
On my screen it looks like Loon. How do you even pronounce it? Maybe you don't. Maybe it's like Prince and that stupid f*cking symbol. Probably not as flamboyantly gay as that.
This is Johnny Gallucio from Italy with a deep trance EP. It's not downtempo or ambient and it isn't progressive, but simply music that does all those things without being put in box. While the title track was Ioonfinitely annoying, I really enjoyed Aes Drama? History here? Rejected demo? Stolen girlfriend? Tricked into going to a timeshare presentation? All we (and by we I mean me) can do is speculate.
Nonetheless I liked the track with it's dreamy vibe and unfurling synths. If you told me Aes Dana did it I would easily believe you. He even has the tempo increase later in the track. Change the Nadi Flow is another track that makes you take notice as it unwinds layers of electronica amidst guitar riffs. Peaceful and reflective. For some reason it makes me think of Miami Vice where dramatic music was inserted with slow motion video for the most mundane actions.
Definitely worth a listen.


Free at Ektoplazm



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This is (subjectively, of course) the best release I've discovered on Ektoplazm so far. I simply love it. Incredibly deep, atmospheric and touching. Every detail is in its place, the arrangements are well thought-out and seem heartfelt. Notice how I'm at a loss for words to describe this properly...

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