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Mystic Mind - Metanoia

Mystic Mind

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Hey everyone,

Just finished recording this mix. This one is very very deep. Hope you enjoy. ;)

1) Blusoul ft. Amber long - The future is yours
2) Reflection Soul - Aurora boralis (original mix)
3) Downgrooves - Fracture (Original Mix)
4) Paul Martinez and Fiddler - Direction (Matias Chilano Remix)
5) L3D - Symbol (Original Mix)
6) Kieran J - Symbiosis (Santiago Garcia RMX)
7) Ryan Luciano - Morning Sun (Original Mix)
8) John Drummer - Pause (Miraculum Pressing Play Mix)
9) Cirez D - Copy rat (Juan Deminicis unofficial Remix)
10 )Relaunch - Legacy (Original Mix)
11) Guy J & Sahar Z - 7.11
12) Sven Hauck & Simon Firt - Continental (matias Chilano remix)
13) Neel V - The awakening (Vlada D'Shake inpluck remix)
14) Jozhy K, Nikita Leonenko - Underworld (Wilson & McLennan remix)
15) Juan Deminicis - Blue screen of death (original mix)
16) E-Spectro, Indeep - Nine Shaft (Fran Von Vie Remix)
17) Dave Seaman & John 00 Fleming - Pixelated (Incolumis Remix)




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