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"V/A - Party Outlaw Trance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Party Outlaw Trance

Label: Black Flame

Date: 1997


1. Neurobic - KoxBox

2. Zoa (Remix) - K.U.R.O.

3. Full On - Etnica

4. Levitation - Mr. Beam

5. Shape The Future - MFG

6. Space Train - Phoenix

7. Gecko Ecko - Psy Phy 6

8. Flight of The Phoenix - Phoenix


Once I handle my responsibilities, I'll review whatever catches my fancy. All over the map sometimes. I look at this track list and say, "All right, MFG, KURO, KoxBox, and Etnica...that's pretty good."


Black Flame is a division of Blue Flame which I assume is just 2 guys lighting their farts on fire.




If you know of a better way to light a candle I'm listening...


I don't really know, but I do know that they are also all over the map with what they release. From downtempo and chill to Euro House. If you study the cover one will notice is the word I-B-I-Z-A on the cover. No matter how "outlaw" you portend to be, it's kinda like riding a motorcycle with Hello Kitty on it.




Bad Ass! 127 more payments and it's all mine.


You probably didn't need me to tell you that this is pretty benign as far as goa goes. The tracks by the well known names are good, but you probably already have those. On top of that it's mixed and poorly at that. Abrupt transitions like over enthusiastic dancing guy keeps hitting my f*cking table. The rest of the tracks are subpar.


I tell you whom I am most disappointed by. Draeke. Etnica unreleaseds? Whatever.


Where the hell were you with the lost tracks from Phoenix? Talk about dropping the ball... ;)



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