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Ziptnf - Intelligence Quotient [braindance/heavy psystep]


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So this is probably the most interesting mix I've ever done. Firstly, I want to make sure everyone understands that the title of the mix or the genre tag "braindance" is implying no sort of pretentious measure of intelligence on the listener, to where only "smart people" can listen to this. However, you must enter this mix with an open mind. I have ventured into some very experimental territory, playing tracks with rich textures, crystal-clear melodies, and neuron-tickling soundscapes that rely heavily on glitching and programming. I had an awesome time making this.

Mordant Music - ModeM [Mordant Music]

Access To Arasaka - Nypox [spectraliquid]

Sourone - Things Materialize [uP]

Ryanosaurus - Binary System [uP]

Barry Koota - I Came From There [uP]

Whitebear - Earthquake [uP]

Bogmon - Demons May Trail (Databrokers Remix) [buried In Time]

Shwex & Mumukshu - Elements of Antiquity [Enigmatik]

LuneCell - Supernova [Vermin Street]

Phsiris - Digital Dream (Itsu Remix) [Enigmatik]

Tron Sepia - Flange [Fish 'n Trips]

Zebbler Encanti Experience - Psychic Projections (ft. Dante Bucci) [Gravitas]

Mr. Bill - Balance (Mindbuffer Remix) [Adapted]

Mindbuffer - PanFM (Whitebear Remix) [Enigmatik]

Electrocado vs The Mollusk - Circle Jerk [Adapted]

Image credit to hyperblade416. Also made a seizure inducing version.

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