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"V/A - Overdose Part 01EP"


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Artist: Various

Title: Overdose Part 01 EP

Label: Dropland Recordings

Date: July, 2012


1. Overdose - Absolum & Ex-Gen

2. Open This Shit - Zinx & Wired

3. Asteroide - Terraformers


Dropland Recordings have been releasing several EP's in the twilight psytrance genre that have been well worth the dough. This one is a mixed bag though. Only 3 tracks, so...uh, a small bag.


Overdose- "The dead have highways. Highways that lead to intersections. And intersections that spill into our world. And if you find yourself at one of these intersection you should stop and you should listen cause the dead have stories to tell."


My love affair for Absolum's music has been going on for quite awhile.




Wow. That uh, that's...coming off a little bit gay. Better dial it down. But truth be told he doesn't make bad tracks. Ex-Gen is one of the newer twilight warriors that lays it down in the same fashion. Overdose is fast and frenetic with membrane slicing leads and a dark theme. Is the sample a little cheesy? Sure, but when the pizza is this good, I don't mind some extra cheese.


Open This Sh*t- "You think you're better than me? I'll tell you what you are...you're zero!"


Zinx is another newbie in the twilight realm that marries movie samples with intense music. A few EP's in and his style is pretty clear. Unfortunately I remember him more for his Unclean EP cover than for any of his music. It's hard, but nowhere near as good as the opener.


Asteroide- Does a speech by MLK belong in psytrance? Terraformers seem to think so. This track is another sample heavy effort that has it's own unique groove. He strays from it, but always comes back to it. It's kind of all over the place. Worth it? You'd have to ask Cartman, they gave him an anal probe.


For me the Absolum track rules and the Terraformers one comes in a distant second. Zinx?









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