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Hello Everyone,


most of you know my love for DAT tapes and unreleased oldschool goa trance, but there is something that bothers me, and that is unknown unnamed tracks and obscure untraceable artists. I long time ago joined Pavlos in the venture of organizing and categorizing the unreleased tracks on discogs to have a guide, a reference and know who made what and what was never released.


But during my DAT ripping ventures I have found obscure project names, no name tracks, fake names etc and therefore I decided to give the good old youtube a go. Why not post the first 4 minutes of all my unknowns? There is a chance someone knows them and can help me out.


So I have started uploading the first 23 tracks I had around, here they are, more coming soon!



Any help, comment, idea, is welcome.

Feel free to comment below the videos on youtube.




PS: the goal, beside categorizing and classification, is to help me compile the compilation I want to release on DAT soon enough, I want to use some of these no names and I wouldn't like to have to release them as "name it yourself" tracks on the sleeve :)

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Please: some post as on discogs, but like this people don't have to search for days and days :)

Track 23 is released: Fluoro Fantasy - Stereocommunichaos (on the cd Recreational Drugs)
Track 21 is released: Biot - Plastronix
i'm SURE track 20 is released... No name at the moment... I just recognise it
Track 18: Battle Buddhas 99% sure... I recognise their rhythm secion (otherwise Ka-Sol)
Track 14 is released for sure... But it's name... AAHHHH, don't remember it immediately
Track 8 is released for sure... I recognise it 100%... No name to say now, sorry(could be Goa Vibes 1 or something like that...)
Track 7 is: Total Eclipse/chaotic circus... Sounds like a premaster
Track 3 is Zodiac Youth on the rmx album, not sure which version

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All are welcome to comment below the videos, as soon as smth is identified I write it under the videos if it is not commented by who identified the track.

It is having a lot of success this project, a lot of tracks were identified, thanks so much! :)

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Thanks Cosmogenesis, highly appreciated :)

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Guest Cosmogenesis

You're welcomed! :) UnreleasedGoaProject 064 (DAT 6 - Track 3) : was sure it came from Psychaos= It's Joti Sidhu - "Juice"



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  • 3 weeks later...

Of the 200 tracks uploaded so far 97 have been identified as released and sub sequentially removed from the channel to make clarity.

Whatever gets confirmed of being unreleased, stays on the channel for future identification purposes and for you to listen to.

Still, a lot of mystery tracks and any help would be appreciated.


Tracks have been now gathered in a playlist for easy listening so feel free to check every now and then cause I am adding material once in a while. I realized adding tracks everyday is time consuming for everybody (me creating the videos and you listening) so I slowed down a bit to give time to people to listen and help. Hopefully some of these tracks will see the light of the day!


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