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ESP - Mystical Revelation EP


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Artist: EsP

Title: Mystical Revelation EP

Label: Space Tribe Music

Date: November, 2012


1. Mystical Revelation

2. Mutant Genes


"They want to create a new species...a better species."


The sum is greater than the individual parts. Peanut butter is great. So is chocolate. But together is awesome. Just like this. I like EU. I like Space Tribe. But together they strike an acidic chord within me that never fails. They've released two albums Electric Space Phenomenon and Sensory Overload both of which were really good. While I wonder sometimes (f*ck it, oftentimes) if Boris still has the knack for psytrance I know that with Olli watching his back things will be ok.


At least I think he'll be watching the sequencer to make sure Boris doesn't throw any cheesy sh*t in there.


While they haven't outgrown their need for drug samples I don't mind it here. Boris can't help himself as there is some guitar, but it's really well done. Bucket loads of acid are on the docket with some of their patented groove. This type of music makes you want to drive very fast. Personally I liked the ordered chaos of Mutant Genes better with its darker tone, but they're both pretty damn good. If you liked their previous albums then this will fit in nicely.






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