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Yotopia - Master Key


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Artist: Yotopia

Title: Master Key

Label: Plusquam Records

Date: 28-09-2012

Style: Progressive Trance




1. Yotopia - Master Key

2. Yotopia - Master Key (Time In Motion Remix)

3. Yotopia - Master Key (Rocky Remix)


Lately I'm enjoying a lot of Yotopia tracks. There album Connect The Dots was a good piece of work and so are a lot of other tracks spread out on different compilations. Now it's time for Master Key.


The original starts of like a lot of there tracks. They make you feel the beat until you have a good grip on it. Once that job has been completed, they use there skill to make everything more playful and bouncy. Still they are not forgetting to take you on a little trance-trip, great stuff. I must say, I was expecting them to go all the way after that wide open break near the end. Other than that I can't complain.


Time In Motion delivered a lot of master tracks themselves over the last years. This remix is another good one. It's already smashing from the start and you can feel this track taking more and more shape as is goes along. Well done.


The Rocky remix isn't my favorite. Somehow it lacks of groove to me. Halfway the song he picks the groove back up, but shortly after that I can't help but think this remix isn't really going anywhere. I don't know, it's like theres not much of a story to tell. I have heard some good stuff from Rocky, but this isn't his best work.


Overall this is a nice remix EP. Even though I heard better tracks from all artist involved, I can't say I didn't drift of listening to the first 2 tracks. Not spectacular, but with so much good other work I can definitely live with that.







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Artist: Yotopia

Title: Master Key

Label: Plusquam Records

Date: September, 2012



1. Master Key - Yotopia

2. Master Key (Time In Motion Remix)

3. Master Key (Rocky Remix)



I also liked their Connect the Dots album and would place them in the pretty good section of progressive trance. Their tracks usually have good bounce and they can display some storytelling ability. While less than impressed with the Dark Terminal EP I wanted to see what they've been cooking up lately. Master Key is a wide open track with a floaty science fiction air and almost reaches its full potential.


Time In Motion is a Danish trio that has consistently knocked balls out of the park. This is no exception as they keep enough of the original in there, but add enough effects and their distinct style to not make it a carbon copy. I liked the original better though as it had more weight to it. More of a deep, lush quality.


Rocky has either been hit or miss for me. And because of that when I see the over 10 minute track length a small groan begins in my throat. I envision extended periods of just kick + bass + hi-hat for my snoring pleasure. And while I may be a bit hyperbolic, his remix leans towards the less melodic side of things.


All in all not a bad EP where I felt the original was better than the remixes. And FYI there is also a Synergetic release that has two remixes of Master Key.





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