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Artist: Various
Title: Cyber Trance
Label: Javelin Ltd
Date: November, 1995

1. Astral Pancakes - Hallucinogen
2. Tipnotic - Tipnotic
3. Chinese Whispers - Synchro
4. Kashmir - Guy Sebbag/Galcarny
5. Conflict - GNOTR
6. Tempest (Union Jack Remix) - Salamander
7. Spiritus - 100th Monkey
8. Torrero Halluciné- Climax Absolute
9. Alien Airport - The Infinity Project
10. Polyphonic Raid - Genecom
11. Space Control - Section X
12. Prognosis - The Antidote

Ambient Disc

1. CD-ROM track with a DJ mixing program - (yeah I'm not a DJ so this means nothing to me.)
2. Waterdrums - Union Jack
3. Orange - Quarter 1: La Couleur
4. Humate & Rabbit - South
5. Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia
6. Glum - Giallieni

I know, you look at the track listing and say that's pretty good.

Allow me to pee all over your brand new Air Force Ones.

My urination begins with the fact that this is far from essential. Why? Firstly, the vast majority of us already have the most potent tracks numerous times over. Second, it's partially mixed in places thereby shortening the best ones. Gotta be able to fit 12 tracks on a disc somehow right? I think Javelin was well aware of this.

Still it is a nice trip down the old school hallway, much the same way it's nice being interrupted by your girlfriends parents when you've almost sealed the deal. What the hell, they were supposed to be gone all weekend, but typical Bill, thought he left the coffee pot on.

The great stuff you already know. Tipnotic is written by Infinity Project and it's not bad, short though it may be. Chinese Whispers might be the best Synchro track I've ever heard, but it's also rather short. For my money (didn't pay for this) the good stuff is on the ambient disc.

Aside from Waterdrums, I've never heard any of these tracks. Orange is Didier (well didier or didn'tier, sorry old joke) and his track is a lovely mellow thing that I would like to hear while resting in a hammock on the beach. But don't swing me, I'll throw up. South is a floaty ambient composition ideal for dreaming. Schizophrenia was a drone piece that didn't do anything for me and Glum was some oscillating nonsense.

Like I said, not essential by any stretch, but I felt worth it for never before heard ambient. Would I pay for it? Uhh, no.

Do you know how much music I have on the drives? Gotta downsize, so retreads...they gotta go.


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