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Zamurai & Apatheya - Goa With Attitude EP


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Artist: Zamurai & Apatheya

Title: Goa With Attitude EP

Label: ACP Records

Date: July, 2012


1. Who Knew - Apatheya

2. Everybody's A DJ - Zamurai


By now (if not years earlier) people should know who Filipe Santos is and that he seems to make quality goa trance so effortlessly that it bores him. Maybe it does. Maybe we are just sheep and he's a good sheep herder. But his label pumps out EP's that I cannot help scooping up. Here he is with Simon Palmieri who himself released and EP earlier this summer called At Full Goa Force - Chapter One (review here).


So guess what you get here? Goa head, I'll wait. So bad.


No guesses needed as I'm sure you figured out it's goa trance. Simon crafts a racy (settle down) track that has leads that move like your sister's pet hamster that hit the jogging wheel cause he felt fat. Filipe's Everybody is a DJ (I'm guessing that is his shot at all the producers of unoriginal new school goa trance) is another quality production that just has lead after lead to make you dance.


So for whatever passes for money these days on that sheep pasture across the Atlantic it only costs one of them. Well spent people.


ACP Records



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