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Human Element - Subsequent Connection EP


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Artist: Human Element

Title: Subsequent Connection EP

Label: Plusquam Records

Date: June, 2012


1. Subsequent Connection

2. Subsequent Connection (Atmos Remix)


This is Martin Knecht (half of Earsugar) with a short 2 track EP. Actually it's one track and then the same track remixed by the Sultan of Sweden, The Prince of Progressive, the...it, it's Atmos.



Awww Yeah! That soft pillowy kick is so f*cking inviting as incidentals bounce around the tympanic membrane. Smooth, gliding action and subtle chopped synths bathe the listener in the warm glow of a party getting started.


Posted Image

Did a bunch a drag queens escape from prison?


So then the Atmos remix comes and hey I got nothing against his music, but the purpose of a remix is to make the track sound...I dunno, different? I liked the track, but I just f*cking heard it! It's like Groundhog Day and I just wanted to punch your software. So it doesn't matter which track you choose to download, but if you choose both, then you must have some extra green lying around.


Can you get me a happy meal?





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