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D-Echo Project - The Flavour of Fusion EP


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Artist: D-Echo Project

Title: The Flavour of Fusion EP

Label: Cyan Music

Date: June, 2012


1 - Inadequacy (79 BPM)

2 - Funky Smooth Biz (79 BPM)

3 - Wind Trails (100 BPM)

4 - Chilling Drop (79 BPM)


"No man can tell what tomorrow will bring."


Well I hope it brings me more of this! Now this is what I'm talkin' about. Smooth beats and melodies ideal for sipping a cold one on the beach with friends. Don't know these guys from Portugal? It's cool, the music will unite. The promo says they create easy listening music, but this ain't your Mom's Air Supply. Nope, this is Louis Armstrong and Barry White cool going over to James Brown's house to jam. Oh, there will be no money exchanged...only warm vibes. It is repetitive also so why aren't I ripping it like I have some others? One, the tracks are not 8 or 9 (or God forbid 11!) minutes long of the same sh*t. Maybe if you add all of them together. These guys understand how long they can get away with this style and create the track accordingly. Another plus?


You can actually hear the instrument sounds. Not just obscure noises. This actually sounds like musicians played the notes in the studio. Cool downtempo goodness and groove that like the sample says will make you have a smile on your face.


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Yeah, it's not beer, but that will also work.


Get your relax on!



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