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LAB - Clean Air Turbulence EP


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Artist: LAB

Title: Clean Air Turbulence EP

Label: DVSM Records

Date: September, 2012


1. Ascendant Stars

2. Clean Air Turbulence

3. Consider Phelbas



"You think you're a better man, do ya?"


Let me just say that when you are deep frying fish on the stove, this all sounds like one long track. So don't do that, you just can't get a sense of how detailed this thing is. Oh, and one more thing, I can't stress this enough.


Always deep fry with a shirt on.


Madre de Dios that f*cking oil burns.


This is LAB aka Renato Moreira out with a brief 3 track digital only release. Think of it as darkpsy with a heavy sci-fi chip on its shoulder. But lest you write it off as another in the ever growing pile of noise with high bpms, know this. He is friends with Kiriyama. Yeah, that one. So you know this is going to be deep.


And man it is.


It's very fast with metallic leads and psychedelic atmosphere. The bass lines are super crisp and reign terror over the tracks. Thick sound effects wash over the grey matter in descriptive layers and f*ck me I think I even heard Vin Diesel. The sound is awesomely produced (thank you Colin) and invites you in. My favorite is the title track with so much going on it reminded me of a John Woo fight scene. Like a horror movie on acid it manages to get the blood flowing with some twilight groove. Consider Phelbas is the darkest and perhaps heaviest of the tracks, but even this one hit all the right spots.


This was dark and thumping with more science fiction cred than a room full of trekkies. Definitely on the radar now. Also Kiriyama mentioned to me that as a record collector he didn't just want to release tracks with a cover. Would get lost in all the others right? So they made a website to go along with the release. Like a digital exhibition room.


Put your pants back on freakshow, not like that.


It's more an image per track with a description of what I imagine the artist's vision. Cool idea.



Buy Here!



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