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Ziptnf - Robot Supremacy [heavy psybreaks]

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ziptnf    7

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In this mix, I look to take down the oppressive king of psybreaks (go check out my buddy Dave King!!!) with my own arsenal of weapons. Enjoy an hour and a half of overwhelming strength.


Kiwa - Drop Control [High Grade]

Robosapiens - Bodies (Hedflux Remix) [Dead Famous]

Abdomen Burst - Epinphrine (Hedflux Remix) [scarcity]

Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehog (Unconscious Mind Remix) [Logariddim]

Beta & Karl Sav - Iron Peach [Arya]

Beta & Hironimus Bosch - Reality Grinds [AUX]

Hedflux & Neurodriver - Energy Vibration [broken Robot]

Acidova - Break The Dream (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Rune]

Kaba - More Oxygen (Matskie Remix) [Divergence]

Aj Myst & Red Ant - Dune (Too Dusty Remix) [Perfecto]

Too Dusty - Push Up The Bass (Blazer Remix) [Hard & Hits]

Blazer - Pulse [Houseplanet]

Sonic Element & Trance Arts - Reformation (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

Aggresivnes - Futurasia (Blazer Remix) [Perfecto]

Far Too Loud - Rock That Beat [Funkatech]

Parallax Breakz & M Spark - Sun (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot]

Destroyers & Aggresivnes - Freshquim (Identity Revealed Mix) [The Pooty Club]

Kid Panel - Sunglasses [Hard & Hits]

Yreane - Double Talking Jive (Kid Panel Remix) [Kick It]

Odissi & Arma - Ostem [Arya]


Ziptnf - Robot Supremacy (1:28:35) 202MB ~320kbps


Image credit to Jessada Nuy.

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ziptnf    7

Dude, what are you smoking? The download link is from sound cloud.


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