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Ex-Gen - Extreme Genetics 0.1


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Artist: Ex-Gen

Title: Extreme Genetics 0.1 EP

Label: 3D Vision

Date: July, 2012


1. Awaken

2. Exhausted feat Khopat

3. Sharingan



Sometimes you have to take a step back to regain a clearer view. I stopped listening to psy and goa for a while and focused on something else.


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Despite the sick moves you see here, I was not chosen to pilot the Mars rover. All politics.


Seeing as how that didn't work out I now feel energized with renewed vigor for the music I love. Ex-Gen is one of the top producers of high-tech or twilight or whatever the f*ck the kids are calling it these days. Whereas full-on has taken on the form of cotton candy this style pours kerosene on said cotton candy, sets it ablaze and laughs as your kid runs away screaming that clown is a bad man. Groovy, melodic and intense with a dark edge. And he doesn't disappoint with this 3 track EP. This is an in your face smackdown with acidic leads, sci-fi atmosphere, and thumping beats.


The first track doesn't seem to believe in easing you into things as it's boot is so far up your ass that you're spewing acid in a projectile fashion. Exhausted sees him join forces with fellow cotton candy abuser Khopat and it's how you'll feel when that whip like lead finishes with you. Once Sharigan gets going it would be like trying to stop a bullet train with a papeer towel. Go ahead, sure you can use Bounty...knock the mustache off that 70's porn motherf*cker.


This is not music you take a smoke break to lest you be the one who gets smoked. I don't know what type of extreme genetic experiments are going on at 3D, but I'll volunteer.


Anything for science, you know.





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