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Deliriant - Paranoia EP


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Artist: Deliriant

Title: Paranoia EP

Label: Kaos Krew

Date: June, 2012


1. Radioactive

2. From The Void - Deliriant Vs. Mad Piper

3. Chronic V2.0


"I'll tell you what I do like though...a killer."


Because I can't get enough of the South African sound, I decided to review this after the quality sHiFt EP O.M.G....not to be confused with the wailing of a near 40 year old named Usher. Shane Renew is no stranger to stomping twilight tracks. His first album Chemistry 2009 is one of the best I've heard to this day and his most recent Miracle Cure while not as great still brought the heat. This is a 3 track EP that includes a remix of Chronic from his album last year. Guy is also a sound engineer so obviously he knows what he's doing.


Comparing him to other artists in this part of the genre is hard not to do as the same tricks are employed. Acid, big beats and rampaging bass lines. The power could use a little boost on the first track, but that is a minor quibble. From the Void sees him join forces with Mad Piper (whoever that is) and it works brilliantly. This was the one where it was all put together in a volley of acidic flash grenades. The last track was grea to begin with so unless there is a banjo solo with a member of Infected Mushroom singing it would be really hard to f*ck that up.


But when you hear a sHiFt track you know it, and it's devastating. While all of them are pretty good, he has some short buildups that make me wince just a little bit. Still, if you're looking for some rocking twilight action you can't go wrong here.


Juno Download



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