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Artist: Zinx

Title: Unlcean EP

Label: Terror Lab Industries

Date: April, 2012



1. Rated R

2. Techno Slave (with Brainwash)

3. Audio Violator (with Iluchina)


"You think I'm some kind of nutjob? What proof have you got?"



Terror Lab Industries continues its assault on most of your senses yet again with this EP from Zinx. He is João Varela from Portugual and it ain't his first time with a shocking cover....or have we already forgotten Dead By Dawn? Look at this thing. Unclean, I get it like a vampire, but of course this chick is just running around in panties like she returned to a frat house to exact revenge for her date rape. Credit where credit is due, she's hot. If you know this label, then you know what type of music is inside. He gets by with a little help from his friends on a couple of tracks delivering violent samples and imagery with the requisite amount of acidic bloodsplatter that you would expect. For me it's not bad, but I feel he is straying towards that commercial territory that threatens to swallow a lot of artists. There are some build ups here, some stops and starts...but it's still pretty aggressive twilight darkness and metallic synths. I think my favorite was the last one that continued to evolve the whole way through.


Worth it?


Meh, probably. When dealing with this style I hold it up to what I consider the gold standard of twilight mayhem, the Midnight Storm series.


Yeah, it ain't that.





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