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Metamorphosis - Reality Switch

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Hey guys heres my first psy track, hope u enjoy n any feedback much appriciated, cheers




<iframe src='http://www.reverbnation.com/widget_code/html_widget/artist_2526114?widget_id=50&posted_by=artist_2526114&pwc[design]=default&pwc[background_color]=%23333333&pwc[included_songs]=undefined&pwc[song_ids]=13127451&pwc[photo]=1%2C0&pwc=undefined' width='400' height='104' class='widget_iframe' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>






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This is TOP NOTCH psytrance! It's indeed sounding like the old IM-sound. :)

Hope we'll hear more about you in the future. Are you involved in other musical projects as well? Technically the track doesn't sound like a "first track".

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thnks so much for the compliments n motivation :), really glad u guys like , in the process of getting this mastered atm so will b available for download as soon as ready, no side project ajanta should have said first finished track not track, been producing for 5-7 years so many similar and chillout tracks soon to come,


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