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Braincell - Psychedelicious Ep


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Artist: Braincell

Title: Psychedelicious EP

Label: Free Spirit Records

Date: February, 2012


1. Bounding Eneries

2. Multitasking

3. Psychedelics


Ralph Knobloch from Switzerland has made quite a name for himself with his driving and psychedelic brand of psytrance. His 3 previous releases on Glowing Flame Records were fantastic and I can't help but notice that his last effort (which wasn't that impressive) was released on this same label. I don't know if GF went under or not and if it did, that's a cryin' shame cause they released top notch stuff. But label or no, it comes down to the artist's imagination and creativity that is judged.


So here he is with a brief 3 track EP. Was his last effort a blip on the radar or has he hit a slump?


I think he is well on his way. The problem I had with Intelligent Being was it's lack of melody. Sure the groove was there, but without something to grab hold of, 8 minutes can seem like an eternity. He was always good at layering sounds and that hasn't changed. These tracks boast some pretty beefy power and sound much thicker with the standout for me being Multitasking. Ah yes, that one is a nod back to his Transformation of Reality days. Just seemed to have a chip on it's shoulder. Psychedelics was a great evolving track that had me thinking he spent a few days in goa demonstrated by the twisting leads.


Welcome back.






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