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Artist: Various

Title: Artificial Elements

Label: Prog On Syndicate

Date: September, 2011


1. 8 miles high



2. Wetland



3. Now it's time



4. Floating



5. Pumping Rythm



6. Paranoid Sight



7. Smooth Mood



8. Artificial Elements



9. Close your eyes



When I want some progressive trance I look to three labels. Iono of course, followed by TesseracT and then Prog on Syndicate. Owner and manager Querox began the German label in 2008. Concentrating on progressive trance in different styles they bring some of the best artists of today to the table.


Melody + groove = here's my wallet.


Oh and by the way, what the f*ck did you do raid the beach? Look at all the Greeks on this thing!



8 Miles High- Kevin & Tobyjas (sounds like I know them doesn't it?) get together for a ripper of a track that will make you feel like you are 8 miles high. Or...high at 8 miles? Either way you know it's got to do with weed, right? Just google image it and see what you come up with. It's got some nice groove with some sharp synth work. It's not overbearing, but comfortable like that shirt I still have from college. Yeah it's torn and faded, what are you my mother? The break is bigger than all outside as the track switches directions with a new melody. Superb start.


Wetlands- Fotis Sarros is from Greece and he delivers a stunner of melodic beauty. Oscillating strings, soft pads, and gentle keystrokes. Oy, sounds like I'm writing a harlequin romance...More bouncy groove and layers upon layers of melody. Beautifuly sad would be a good way to describe it's vibe. Spectacular.


Hmmm...this gentleman bears watching.



Now It's Time- Now it's time for a toast.


Posted Image

It's f*cking Tampico, just drink it freakshow!


Two more guys that might as well work at the DMV. Obviously they don't. Not mine anyway. But that's three tracks in a row that have zero boundaries. Melody all over the place and none of it tired or boring. Just massive in scope with great effects and fluid movement.


Jesus, can you have sex with a CD? Cause seriously I might start dry humping this b*tch.



Floating- "Let me tell you about this dream I had."


Me first. It's about these two Easter Bunnies that are man sized and are actually serial killers. After a long day cherry picking dumb blondes at the local college they get hungry for cheeseburgers. So they pull into the drive thru and well...it writes itself doesn't it?


Posted Image

"I said hold the onions, extra pickles...What? No, no extra pick...do I have to come in there?"



These two guys have had some really good tracks, but to ask them to follow those first three really isn't that fair. It's more housey and without the...largesse of the previous tracks. Whereas the others were at 8 miles, this one just bumped its head on a traffic light. Kinda boring and seems thrown in there. Like when ugly chicks go to the club with all their pretty friends.


You look at them and ask "What the f*ck are you doing here?"



Pumping Rhythm- "The atmosphere is electric."


Settle down, it's not that electric. Ok, after falling to Earth I'm starting the arduous climb back to the firmament. This is Nick Karamalakis from Greece and I hope he's locked his doors cause from what I see on TV they're burnin' sh*t over there. Normally I love a break, but this had the speed up slow down synth thing that I don't really care for. And while the rhythm was most assuredly pumping, the melodies didn't really sit that well with me.


It's not bad, but it cannot hold a candle to the first three. Sorry to keep bringing it up, but they were that good.


Paranoid Sight- This has the two note bass line bounce. You know what I'm talkin' about, right? Well, it also has some nice layering that gives it a full figure like that girl I hooked up with in professional school. What can I tell you, I like my tracks like my women, with a little meat on the bones. She might've been a little big, but she worked really hard and had some tremendous ti...My wife's not gonna see this, right?


Anyway, this is Ueli Schill and...how the f*ck do you even say that first name? Oo-el-ee? Well, he can call himself Rip Taylor for all I care if he keeps making tracks like this. Melodic and full of sounds with varying textures. Well done.


Posted Image

Oh hey look, it's Rip Taylor! Rip Taylor!


*lowers voice to a whisper*


Yay...Rip Taylore everyone.



Smooth Mood- Never heard a track from this Italian artist, but I've also never felt fake titties before. I'm sure they still feel like titties. The break combines bass sweeps, far away effects and soft keystrokes to make a very emotional atmosphere. The sounds fit together well and it's melodic without hitting you over the head with reverb and delay. Although there is nothing wrong with that.


Damn, it is smooth.



Artificial Elements- Kevin Joseffsen has been tearing it up this year with some great EP's. Good bouncy beat with some vibrating strings set the tone as the break opens up with delicate key strokes and a bit of sunshine. With a nod towards the style of the Riddler, the melody strays into eerie territory only to be countered by some head bobbing goodness. The echoes, oh the echoes! Massive track!


Close Your Eyes- Holy f*ck what did I stumble onto here. If this were a cassette tape I would've worn it out already. It's been on repeat all damn day. It's got some badass swagger with some sticky icky bass. N*gga you dirty. Vocal manipulations and the mid tempo beat make this track ideal for some head nodding. Milos keeps it funky with that shimmery cascading synth that makes this a party. Where the white women at?


Posted Image

Ever watch this? F*cking furniture talks. Tell me the creator wasn't on acid. I dare you.



Damn that was a good compilation. It got slightly impotent in the middle, but the tracks surrounding those were some kind of awesome that I didn't give a f*ck. Groovy, melodic, and massive to the core. Asking me if I recommend this is like asking Whitney if she needs a Xanax.



Get it.







Goa Store




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Dig the review mate! I'm deeply following those labels and artistes as well with the addition of SAVVA and AUDIOACLHEMIST records. Definitely on my hot rotation. Keep it Psy.

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