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Trance2MoveU    380

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Artist: Rainbow Static

Title: Tickle My Bunny Fone

Label: Bunny Fone

Date: September, 2011


01 - Cute Pounce (162 BPM)

02 - Peeb. (201 BPM)

03 - Yes and Bite (197 BPM)

04 - Cake Barf (152 BPM)

05 - diVabetes (77 BPM)



You know I don't watch Dr. Phil, but I gotta side with him on this one.


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I had to review this. Had to. It is the most bizarre and ridiculous sh*t to ever hit these ears. Obviously it is a joke, because nobody can make music this bad on purpose. They're probably really cool guys and I would love to talk to them, but this makes me think that they made a bunch of crap, knew it was crap, and then piss all over people for thinking it's crap.


The project is Bunny Static and Rainbow Fone from the Pacific Northwest and I'll be honest, the only reason I wanted to hear this was due to the ridiculous BPM's. 201? Really? Well that and the entertaining discussion it spawned on Ektoplazm.


So what's up? This sounds like cats thrown in a blender with pitched up beats which makes sense because they call it psy-prance. It's stupid vocals twisted up becoming unintelligeable and annoying. And the first track is over 9 minutes long. Do you have any idea how excruciating this was? Forget dancing to this or following a melody...that sh*t need not apply.


This is music...wait, no it isn't. Sure some hipster is going to say it's creative and artistic, but I have to disagree. This is what you send to someone when you hate them. It's high speed noise with cartoon effects and vocal samples thrown in that has no musical value whatsoever. You know what Suomi sounds like? Take that and multiply it by 11. But that's not fair to that entire genre because at least that is musical. For God's sake it has samples of some guy puking and a bunch a drunks singing Pour Some Sugar On Me. Kudos to Ektoplazm for putting this up on his site because it shows that he doesn't discriminate against anyone's music.


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I'd rather be that guy than listen to this again.


Hey I hated it, but I'll leave that for you to decide.





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Cynos    20

The album (atrwork included) is very psychedelic. More than suomi or Psy-Harmonics stuff. More psychedelia than recommended. But the only good thing is the sound quality.


If you are new in psytrance, don't listen to it. You will be very, very, very altered.


My rating: 3.5/10

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