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Auma - Interacting:Processing EP


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Artist: Auma

Title: Interacting Processing

Label: Enig'matik Records

Date: August, 2011


01 - That Old Magick (100 BPM)

02 - Settle And Release (105 BPM)

03 - Machromatic (100 BPM)

04 - A Collision Of Craniums (100 BPM)

05 - Nude (95 BPM)


This is Luke Peart based in Melbourne with an EP that sounds different than most. He makes downtempo but with influences that range from hip-hop to smooth jazz to glitch it definitely makes it's mark. It's free so there isn't any excuse not to check this out. Unless you are a bitter soul with popeye face.


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The Old Magick- This reeks of Ultimae quality with the cold percussion and skittering sounds. Perfect music for a rainy day with detuned tones and a funky break beat. The bass does the heavy lifting but all the effects create the spooky atmosphere. My favorite part is when the beat drops out for a second. Slick. If you're riding a train home from work and it's raining outside...this is your soundtrack.


Settle and Release- Electric piano smoothness with rolling bass sweeps make this pull your coat closer to you as you cross the street in a rain shower kinda music. The hip-hop influence is on full display with the beat and the chopped up percussive funkiness. Music like this could make Steve Carell seem street.


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On second thought....



Machromatic- The BPM is only 100 but it sounds twice as fast as that with glitchy electronics. Soft pads float in sharp contrast to the hectic chaos below. It's like a weird melodic dream sequence. Catch the drill?


A Collision of Craniums- "Here we see Mark and John taking a traditional hug and adding a more personal touch. Watch...how the foreheads gently collide."


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"Damnit b*tch, I said gently! We're not insured for that!"


More gentle melodies that caress your head and tell you that everything is gonna be all right. What is that sound, a kid's piano? The layers are stacked and this is a very happy track. He transitions into a reverse sounding break and then you hear that cool sample. More smiles here than a dentist's office.


Nude- This sounds like something Radiohead would do. Screechy, unintelligable vocals about some boy that doesn't understand him over strings and a break beat. Not my cup of tea.



Good EP with the exception of that last track. Smooth music that deserves a listen.





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