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"V/A - Interweaving Dream Magics"


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Artist: Various

Title: Interweaving Dream Magics

Label: Visionary Shamanics

Date: November, 2011


01 - Seti - Animals Are Beasts But Men Are Monsters

02 - Gu - Adventurers World

03 - Shotu - Imagination

04 - Vertical - Plastic Plants

05 - Shadowls - Lemarchands Box

06 - Aegolius - Spheres Of Life

07 - Koala - Tree Fern In A Twisted

08 - Fractal Error - Mythodia

09 - Therange Freak - Gruunach (The Black Dragon Of The Great Swamp)

10 - Paganololiuqui - Ayuwaska Jungle Visions


This is another forest/darkpsy compilation brought to you by our great friend over at Ektoplazm. That means it fits right into my budget of free. This is the debut compilation from Visionary Shamanics based in the UK and mastered by Mr. Onkel Dunkel. I don't know who that is, but a lot of people seem to like him. The artwork was done by Hypomicro and looks really good.



Animals Are Beasts, but Man Are Monsters- Nine minutes? You needed nine minutes to tell this story? C'mon Fedro, no you didn't. Other than the slight break near the 3 minute mark the first four minutes were an 8 bar measure on repeat. So, on the conservative side, take 3 away and we're already down to 6 minutes. The break on the back end has some good sample manipulation, but then what do you do? Jump right back into boring town. Taking 9 minutes for this track is like saying a trip to McDonalds is a 4 course meal. Burger, drink, fries. Done.


Adventurers World- When you first listen to this, the beginning sounds like it might be a Barry White slow jam.


Posted Image

"Don't be a baby lady...just be a lady baby."


But then the forest kicks in with wailing sounds and bubbling synths. Whoever this is is very good with layering as digital washes cascade down and the bass line rumbles. More squirty sounds fit right into the mix as this track reaps a vivid atmosphere. See that Fedro? See it?


Imagination- Even though I've never been a fan of his work, the guy can create a nice scene. Shimmering pads and loads of stuff to chew on. With a thunderous beat and spooky French whispers, his style fits this compilation wonderfully. It's a walk down where the f*ck am I lane to be sure as a lead scrapes the skin off your body with whiplike precision. The break is a collage of sounds and squeaks that is very disorienting. Perfect for when you're lost in the forest.


Plastic Plants- Attention, we have a Finn on deck. I repeat, a Finn on deck. Prepare for maximum weirdness. I don't know what plants he's been talking to, but I want in on this conversation. Straight ahead punchy bass line and great effects make this sandwich a treat. He doesn't beat around the um...bush, just jumps right in.


Posted Image

"Hey...you think this popcorn tastes weird?"

"I dunno dude...where'd that gay pretzel go? He was funny."



LeMarchands Box- I don't know who this is, but do you think they know there is no l in shadows? I'm sure they do. Just keep moving, because this is dark. No, no!! Don't make eye contact, you'll...great look what you did. Now they're coming over. The deepest bass line yet with moaning and wailing like you just entered the netherworld. Did you hear him slide the C3PO sample in there? Clever. It's a straight forward march without any ups or downs, but it sounds very thick with despair. Bubbling, digital farts, whistles...very lush. Like walking through a psychedelic zoo where the aliens are behind a velvet rope. Don't worry they can't reach you. Can they?


Posted Image

What the...? Get the f*ck off me!



Spheres of Life- I haven't heard this much tinkling since I had 5 glasses of ice tea. More wailing and insect scratches as we are deep into the forest with whipporwhils of sound taking off like moss encrusted alien helicopters. Aw, sh*t we ran out of bread crumbs. Do you like scary movies? Because this is some old psychopathic Jack Nickolson Shining sh*t.


Posted Image

Knock Knock motherf*cker.



Tree Fern In A Twisted- I don't get the title. Sorry, I don't get it. This has all the ingredients for what makes a good forest track, but there isn't any presence to it. It just seems like a random collection of sounds that has no direction. No building of tension or fear, just...sounds.


Just because you have a dark suit, dark glasses and stand on a corner in a bad neighborhood doesn't make you a pimp.


Posted Image

"I say get back here main! B*tch better have my money. Don't make me slap a knee."



Mythodia- Now this uses the tools effectively. Less than a minute in and I'm already afraid. Great effects with chopped up synths make this a tasty treat. Creatures of unknown origin exhale deeply and peer through red eyes. It bubbles and rattles the chains of fear. It undergoes so many changes as it's a long one, but the twists and turns are enjoyable. At this point if you are lost in the forest and hear this, you may commence the sh*tting of pants.


Gruunach (The Black Dragon of the Great Swamp)- Gruunach. Even the name sounds ancient and powerful. Like a viking. Long beards and great halls full of benches and dogs fighting for scraps. The typical darkpsy sounds are present, but they are layered and man there is a lot of them. Chopped up synths echo in those same great halls and this is dark. No light. It's a bit overwhelming to tell the truth.


Ayuwaska Jungle Visions- "I think it is fantastic...that we're here tonight. This is the year of doom and gloom isn't it?"


Wow. How does one describe this? If the previous track was the escalotor to hell, then congratulations you have arrived at your destination. Sounds pull at you from every direction, all dying to get a piece. You don't dance to this...you weep to it. F*ck they even have a goat. A goat! Pretty sure that was sacrificed a few minutes back as this laughs at your feeble attempt to escape. The end is really the stuff of nightmares.



What a great compilation. Treat it like an exam where you throw out the score of the two or three guys who smoke and spend all their time in wood shop. They didn't want to be here anyway. What you have left is a bubbling cauldron of sounds that stack up like a 3 year old on a lego binge. It's scary without sending you on the express train to hell. Well, aside from that last track. Most of the tracks were really good at building to something and twisting you around. I'm really starting to get into this forest genre.





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