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Osher - Stepping Around EP


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Artist: Osher

Title: Stepping Around EP

Label: Blue Tunes Records

Date: August, 2011


1. Stepping Around - Osher

2. Exchange (Osher Remix) - Vaishiyas & Audiomatic

3. World of Sound - Osher

4. Pump - Ran and Osher

5. Adventure - Osher & Avshi



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Look, it's not that simple...I just can't wave my hands and erase the past. If I could the parents of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber would've never joined in that unholy union. I believe in whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but how much suffering are we going to have to take?


Remember Ananda Shake? Their compilation work was usually impressive and their first album had some really good moments. And yes, their tracks Break Dance and Make me Shake may very well go down as some of the worst pieces of music ever, I'm aware of that. Even their 2nd album We Speak Music wasn't a total failure. But once you reached Inside the Sound, you could tell something was stinky in poop town.


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This was how I had to take The World is Yours....


But then something happened. Osher had an epiphany and took a hard left into the progressive trance genre. He released his debut Twilight and it was as if he had an exorcism. Gone were the inclinations toward cheesy full-on crap, and in were the smooth beats and drifting melodies. It's like when your kid grows up and begins to drive. You knew this day would come, that they would mature, but it still seemed to come out of nowhere.


Well now after his debut and another EP, he brings another taste of his new found sound. And it's a continuation of his smooth style. On Stepping Around echoing synth washes wipe away his sins as soft beats soothe the listener. Floating melodies glide through layers of sound as breaks open up possibilities.


While some Vaishiyas tracks aren't bad (Action Flaxion was pretty damn cool) the best thing that project has done was to let the masses remix their work. Exchange bubbles and rings with that guitar lead and finds itself becoming a little groovy if a little thin.


World of Sound is typical of his drifting and bright style. Plenty of effects and echoing synths to give the track some depth. Not too dark and not too light.


Pump has a sample that sounds like that android in Aliens after he got all f*cked up. You know when he was cut in half but still kinda functional? The music is deliberate and futuristic with a pumping beat. Pretty good.


The final track Adventure is chock full of synths on delay and shimmering sounds. Like the first rays of the sun as dawn breaks. Bring your sunglasses because this one is very bright. But hey, ain't nothing wrong with a little happy feel good music is there? Loved it.



He continues to fight the good fight. Smooth, laid back progressive trance that is spacious and melodic. His finger is on the pulse and this would be a welcome addition into anyone's progressive library. Good job Osher!





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