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Karmacrop - Fractal Overdrive EP

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Artist: Various

Title: Fractal Overdrive EP

Label: Hypergate Records

Date: September, 2011


1. Fractal Overdrive (Karmacrop Remix)

2. Fractal Overdrive (Suria Remix)

3. Fractal Overdrive (Alienn Remix)

4. Fractal Overdrive (Elektrik Boy Remix)


Hypergate Records was founded by Sidhartha (Nuno Santos) and has been on a bit of an ass kicking tear lately. Well, at least digitally. They are a full-on label that stays true to the driving Portuguese sound. With the smashing twilight quality of Alienn's One EP and the very good Tryon Cube Sequence EP, I am left with their first digital release. Karmacrop (Sidhartha & Khopat) may have been responsible for the original track on the largely forgettable Fractal Energy 3, but here we have 4 remixes of that track by some of the best names in the twilight genre. And whoever the f*ck Elektrik Boy is.


Verdict? Let's just say that this maintains the quality of their other digital releases. It's pretty good actually, but if you hold it up to the insanity that was Alienn's One Ep, well everything's gonna look bad. It's all relative. I love a good hot dog, but if you offered me a choice between that and a 16 oz. steak...


Karmacrop owns this EP with an acid soaked bath and crazy zipper leads. Suria brings a lot of metallic and scratchy leads with a nod toward the darker and side of things. Pretty good as well. Patrik continues his commanding wield of all things acid with his take as his leads pinball like a uh, pinball with a couple of build ups that I could've done without. The final remix has a punchy bass line and some distorted psychedelic leads that could've placed it in the forest. Good show.


So all in all a nice release. Intense and firmly planted in the twilight mode. If you're looking for an acidic Christmas than this will melt your tree. Congratulations Hypergate, I salute you.


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