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minimalistic ambient (like Jochem paap & aphex twin)


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Hi there, I am truly in love with the 2 ambient albums of Jochem Paap.


And I am looking for more ambient in this minimalistic style.

Thing that remind me of this style are Aphex twins ambient works 2 and some stuff from tim hecker, biosphere has also made some song in this direction.


I find it hard to pin down what I mean but I will try: I am looking for minimalistic beatless ambient but thats more (or less) than the eternal space ambient. More than loooong streched infinite pads .


So if anyone can recomend me some of this kind of ambient, that would be nice. (You can also make other ambient suggestions if you wish) :)


thank you !


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yeah I have that one.. I like it although some parts make me nervous, like the first part of the first song isn't relaxed enough for me when I am in the ambient mode :P but there are also some truly magnificent moments on that album! any other recomendations?

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Oldie but goldie; Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4 from 1984.


Although this one has yet to leave me dissatisfied, and is to this day quite probably the finest piece of music from the eighties I have ever heard, if you have listened to either one of the two installations of Paap's "Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs" series, then you will know that those are galaxies away from "E2-E4".


The first, despite the minimal tag, is a joie de vivre of peerless composition, harmony and blissful melody. It is loaded with zestful enthusiasm, celebrating great advancements in both technology and the ever growing interest in electronic music. Strong emphasis on rhythm.


The latter, on the other hand are dim & grim, solitary excursions into amaranthine darkness, without beginning or end. Stripped of rhythmic structures, musical patterns or any hints of conventional electronic music maneuvers, Speedy J really made two albums I myself cannot compare to, well, anything... It may be due to my lack of interest in ambient music, but I have been a huge fan of his for about as long as I can walk, and I've never been given a recommendation of an album which I have found up to par with the two ambient albums he released. Really good stuff!


P.S.: Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt... Nice suggestion, I had totally forgot about that one. Surgeon... Yummy!!! :)

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