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Querox - The Life and Me EP


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Artist: Querox

Title: The Life and Me

Label: Prog On Syndicate

Date: August, 2011


1. Crazy Smile

2. You and Me

3. One Day (feat. Monod)


This is another label that has been releasing some really good progressive trance. Querox is Tobyjas Zaslon, but apart from his appearance on the Kosmics Playground compilation I've never heard of him. Since I've been on a bit of a EP binge as of late I decided to give it a go. The cover is very appealing and since I'm a sucker for that I dive in with eyes wide open.



Crazy Smile- F*cking hell this is loaded with epic trance pads and saccharin sweetness. Not a lot of layers, erring towards the minimal side of progressive it also doesn't have a lot of surprises. Though I guess that was implied with the minimal comment. It's uplifting, but lacking. For example no matter how hard diet soda tries it can never be the same as regular. Made me feel like this...


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"No, no,no...! Don't lean back, you gotta...Meh. Nice sh*tcan though."


You and Me- More diet soda. I like layers and for me there isn't enough going on. I get bored. My mind starts to wander. And that's dangerous. So when the break comes, I'm wondering what a Mike Tyson in spandex with backup dancers dance video would look like.


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Ahhhh...there we go. The break is pleasant and the vibe is cheerful, but I need more...I am a needy bastard.



One Day- Hey, we heard this on the last track. And this is with someone? What did he do plug in the gear? When the MLK sample comes in I've had enough.


This wasn't for me. Not enough happening. As mentioned it has a minimal style without much evolution. It's pretty and happy, but I came away empty.






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