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Disia - Disorder EP

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Trance2MoveU    322

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Artist: Disia

Title: Disorder EP

Label: GS Concept Records

Date: November, 2009


1. Inconstancy (115 BPM)

2. Slow Way To Chasm (100 BPM)

3. Phone Knot (110 BPM)


This is a debut EP from Dennis Popov that combines glitch with slow downtempo grooves. Only 15 minutes?


I've sat on the toilet longer than that.


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Hey f*ck you Leo, ever eaten at Taco Bell?


Be that as it may, don't sleep on this. It's a haunting 3 track EP that has loads of descriptive layers and samples. Eerie piano melodies and twinkling synths that remind me of a horror movie centered around children. You know, innocence, but surprise! Not really innocent. Inconstancy is very short with aggressive snares and those twinkling sounds I was talking about. Slow Way To Chasm is really depressing with samples from a chick that sounds like she wants to end it all. Add in the piano, warm pads, and glitch and it's very beautiful. Phone Knot gets glitchy with the phone and sports a funky breakbeat. My favorite here.


Well, there you's like listening to the soundtrack of Silent Hill. Spooky with great effects. As always it's free at Ekto so go nuts.





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Ajanta    2

Amazing and very underrated EP! I've got no idea why it was distributed via Ektoplazm, because it has nothing to do wil Psytrance at all.

It's kinda like atmospheric breakcore/idm. Great music! Nice piano melodies, good story telling, glitchy stuff, chopped-up amen breaks, ...


I don't think it has a "horror movie atmosphere", but it contains a dramatic atmosphere for sure. :) Very emotional music.



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