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"V/A - Family Tree"

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Artist: Various

Title: Family Tree

Label: Eardream Music

Date: September, 2010


01. Tor.ma - Purple Magic

02. Austero - Bettie Page

03. Nako - 3 Corazones

04. Ish Dub & Juan Cano - Good Bye South Africa

05. Naualli - Uma (Ode To The Unborn)



Another Ektoplazm free release from Eardream Music is out with their 2nd release and it is a 5 track downtempo compilation that is mastered by Tim Schuldt. He does a lot of mastering for artists I have heard of, so I think this EP will have his skill if nothing else. But there is a lot else. A lot of goodness. If I had to sum this up in a phrase it would be "man this has everything!"


"Purple Magic" by Tor.Ma begins with a breakbeat rhythm and twinkly sounds over a dancing bass. Reverberating piano stabs and other weird sounds are there and this has a smooth, chill feel to it. Nice start.


Odd name for this track but Austero brings a funkiness with scrambling bass sounds and piano riffs that is very catchy. The guitar strums and electric piano sounds are pretty cool too.


3 Corazones, wait shouldn't it be tres corazones? This is a nice dubby piece with a fat hip-hop feel and wobbly bass. The break is nice as well. If you're not bouncing to this, your neck is broke.


I'm guessing they were in South Africa for the World Cup. Waaaaay laid back reggae feel here, as the dub bass warms the soul. Feels like I should have a beer while I'm on the beach watching the sunset. Yeah it's almost 7 minutes of the same thing, but I really want to be on a beach right now.


Another lounging type with acoustic guitars, sparkling leads and a smooth string. This is by Nauali and he brings a strong snare to his dub. Very rhythmic indeed, my favorite here.


This was a nice effort. Great, sunny relaxing vibes with sounds for all. You've got jazz, dub, reggae, downtempo...just like the promo says. This one is worth the effort and like all Ektoplazm releases it is free. Good work!!



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Hello my friend,

Thank you so much for your review, I enjoyed it very much.

You are totally right!!!!!!!! It should have been Tres Corazones. My bad...

Thank you for listening to the music and taking your time writing this review. :D

Please share this music with family and friends. ;)

Cheers bro.

Greetings from Barcelona

Juan R. (Eardream music)

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