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"V/A - Noctopus"

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Artist: Various

Title: Noctopus

Label: Electric Power Pole Records

Date: July, 2010




1. Tres Bon



2. Imenja



3. Hollows



4. Sprog



5. Aftermath



6. Bushwalking To The Moon



7. Nauseous Conspiracy



8. The Good Old Days




Electric Power Pole records is based out of Australia. This release is a progressive trance offering, and I'll be honest (the only way I know how to be) I have never sampled any of this label's wares. I've always wanted to go to Australia and maybe one day I will, but the reason I got this was because it is full of total unknowns. I have never heard of any of the artists nor anything they have produced. To see how the boys down under do progressive trance intrigued me.


I'm not going to go through a track by track review of this for I have neither the time nor the energy, but I did want to let others now what this disc was about. I would call this glitchy, grungy,progressive trance. "Hollows" by Sol Connection has an uplifting melody but this is the minority. Nowhere to be found are the deep layered, effects driven soundscapes that I am used to. What is here is a more stripped down, bare bones approach. Low grumbly basses paired with tribal percussive ideas taking a more minimalistic approach highlighted by the track "Sprog" which slogs its way for an excruciating 10 minutes. IF that's your cup of tea, then this is worthwhile, but for me it is totally devoid of variation and melodies that make the music interesting. It is just mindless droning with none of the atmosphere that can make this music brilliant. I did like the soft barely there melodies of "Aftermath", but there was so much crap to wade through to get to it. For me music is supposed to be a great soundtrack for a mood. This was empty and depressing and made me realize I have to go outside and mow the lawn in ridiculous humidity. 2/5.









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