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Three point turn


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I dunno how many people here are aware about this french techno project. They seem very musically diverse going by the tags on their last.fm page. but im more interested in the techno they produce having heard their track on V/a Rewired that i got hold of recently. Klush kingdom is exactly the kind of sound i love!!! recommendations like that are more than welcome :)


Any idea if their Cd's are available through any online shops or anyone here owns them?


If yes , then please PM, i will be willing to trade something from my collection.


Maybe this belongs to the other electronica section but i thought their sound is more psy than tekk.


Peace / Love and all that :D

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Ah so that's where they went! I quite like Authentik's psytech work, but half of the album is just mediocre chillout. :-/

It doesn't blend very well when you switch from bangin' psytech to clicheed tribal drumming...


If you like Three Point Turn, check out Opsis, PPS Project, Opsy, PhaseTech and Trimada. :)

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