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Ziptnf - Psytrance 101


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I've been listening to trance since '99, but since I'm known for playing psytrance, I figured I would showcase the absolute best of the genre. Most people, including myself, have an image of psytrance as being cheesy, generic, and annoying. I will definitely admit that most psytrance is garbage, but there are a few tracks that are exceptional. In this set, I start off with a bit of an experimental track, then waste no time in putting down some harder progressive sounds, followed by some powerful full-on psytrance. Even if psytrance isn't your thing, give it one more try as you hear all my favorite tracks rolled into one mix. Don't be afraid of the energy, when utilized properly it can really be spectacular. Strap yourselves in and enjoy! :)


Infected Mushroom - Elation Station [Yoyo Records]

Infected Mushroom is a cheese-fest these days, but let us not forget the talent they used to have. Elation Station is legitimately the first psytrance track I ever heard. It's very mellow with an uplifting atmosphere, with a playful and fun sound structure. I didn't know what psytrance was when I heard this, but I thought it just sounded so cool.


Dickster - Dizzy Drops [TIP World]

We move from a bright and happy mood to a much darker tone. Dizzy Drops was the first thing that played when I listened to the Colorsfest 02 set from John 00 Fleming. I had literally just joined Tranceaddict. When I first heard this, I didn't even know what the hell to think. It was just amazing and I knew I wanted to hear more stuff like it. I listened to the set like 20 times before I finally understood what I was hearing.


Liquid Soul - Adrenaline [Mikrokosmos Records]

I love the bassline in this track, it's one of those borderline progressive/full-on tracks that really expresses a lot of energy. Liquid Soul's finest right here.


Astrix - Poison [HOM-mega Productions]

This was the first track on Artcore, and it blew me away. I listened to the album at least 5 times before I realized this was clearly the best song on there.


Volcano - Pitch Shift [Magma Records]

Much like my favorite style, Volcano is known for his catchy riffs and melodies. Unlike most full-on, this track is interesting and unique.


Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within [HOM-mega Productions]

I have always greatly admired XI's sound and ability to put together a rock solid album. While I love most of their productions, this is still my favorite track of theirs.


Pixel vs Space Cat - Clear Test Signal [H2O Records]

I ran into this track very randomly when I was first discovering psytrance. It's very different, and a little cheesy, but I love it. I started following Quadra and Alien Project a bunch after I found this.


Visual Contact - Natural Vibes [Com.pact Records]

I heard this one on Psyentifica's Full-On Masters II set, it shocked me, because nothing I had ever heard sounded like this. In my opinion, this is the absolute epitome of peak-time full-on psytrance.


Brainwash - Music for Massives [Fractal Records]

I dislike nothing about this track. It's incredible, it has so much power behind it. The bassline and synths attack your brain with dark and relentless exploding energy. It's definitely the single most intense full-on track I have ever heard.


Bizarre Contact - This is Science [Fineplay Records]

If you made it here, I commend your dedication! A lot of people can't handle the energy that some of this music creates. I think this track is great because the beginning sounds like the synths are drilling into your skull. The melody at the end is also really fun and oddly happy.


Astral Projection - The Prophecy [Yoyo Records]

This track definitely has the most epic melodies of all time, not to mention it's one of the greatest goa/psy crossovers ever. Tons of energy, and incredibly lush.


Ananda Shake - Final Call [utopia Records]

The last melody in this track will forever be engraved in my soul. I dance every time I hear it.


Ziptnf - Psytrance 101 (71:56) ~256kbps 131MB


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I'm gonna check it out. Love the Dizzy Drops track from Dickster btw. ;)

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Great dancefloor material...since it's not forbidden to dance in the livingroom there's no harm done and i mean this as a compliment.


Love the way you melt together those baselines.


Never heard of Volcano before...what a track!


I like good build ups in Dj sets and I must say this one is pretty good...saving the real whicked tracks for later :rolleyes:


This is the psytrance I fell in love with but kinda lost track of...guess I moved on but don't get me wrong, when played at the right time in the wee morning hours I'll be :blink: dancing my ass off! ;)

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Thank you guys, this feedback is great! I love it when people enjoy my sets, it makes me so happy :D


I think the energy in this set is pretty serious, I'd like to listen to a full-on set that is equally as powerful spun by someone else, but knowing full-on these days that might be difficult. :unsure:

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