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Speedball - Human Disorder


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Artist: Speedball
Title: Human Disorder
Label: Materia Records
Date: November, 2009

1. Nowhereland
2. Interes-thing
3. Sci-fi
4. Buenos Muchachos
5. Mars Life
6. Little Trouble
7. Weed's Band
8. World Domination
9. Flashing Paranoia

Oh, hell yes. I have been jonesing for some quality in your face acid insanity psytrance and then this gem comes along. Speedball are Javier Durán Cortes & Raul Gonzalez from Mexico who have released tracks on numerous labels. This is their debut and after listening to their compilation work, I knew I had to own this. What was the last good twilight psy release? Deliriant? Hypnoxock? Both of those albums were out frikken standing, and so is this beast. If you like your psy with twisted acid leads and thunderous beats, then this is for you. Ominous pads, eerie movie samples, and super high energy. And any album that has "Goodfellas" samples is ok in my book. While I enjoyed my little stroll down progressive avenue, it's nice to get back into some meat and potatoes psytrance. This disc hits you right in the face with the force of a sledgehammer. It is relentless. The groove is on point and will move you. The only thing I don't like about this release is the cover. I mean, what the hell is that? Little nano robots entering the world? They can do better than that. Highly recommended to get your groove on.

I haven't heard a disc this powerful since Absolum's "Inside The Sphere" and back when CPU was actually making good music on "Computer Error."





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I have to bump this because it is that good. This is South African intense psytrance done better than South Africans do it. This is 3d vision Absolum crazy and should get the attention it deserves.


So far this is the best release for 2009 for me and I will go further. Best product to come out of Mexico. Ever.



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"You took so much of that stuff you're probably paranoid!"



Still unparalleled. This Mexican duo out Timecoded South Africa. Thunderous music for those that like it heavy, acidic, and dark. I keep coming back to it and it is one of my absolute favorite psytrance releases to this day. Perfect for when you want to break stuff and dance like nobody is watching.

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