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Flooting Grooves - Psydeburns

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Artist: Flooting Grooves

Title: Psydeburns

Label: Peak Records

Date: November, 2009



1. Egypt

2. Insectoid

3. Naked dancers of Ra

4. Kyrosmatik

5. Sufisticated

6. Psylence

7. Earth calling Hawai

8. Atrium




Two things: One, I always want to call the artist Floating Grooves and two, he seems to like the word side or "psyde" as it is in both on his album titles. Flooting Grooves is Pearce van der Merwe and you guessed it, he can play the flute. This is his second album, the first being "Upsyde Downe" (told ya). I missed the boat on that one, so I thought I would give this a listen. It is being released by Peak Records who have the distinction of being Switzerland's first psytrance label. They have also released several pretty good compilations in years past. Starting with the cover, it is definitely psychedelic. There is a lot going on there so I won't describe it, but I wonder if it is one of those paintings where you have to relax your eyes while focusing to get the image they want you to see. I was never any good at those.


I'm a sucker for a wispy, mysterious flute amidst tribal music and that is what we've got. "Egypt" speaks of long dead pharaohs still wielding an iron grip on the people. The percussion is very engaging transporting the listener away from all the modern conveniences we enjoy. It takes center stage on "Insectoid" as the mood becomes darker with driving bass and eerie effects. More of the same on "Naked Dancers of Ra" with a long sample in the beginning. Again though, it is the gentle percussion that gives the feeling of foreign lands.


Alien noises and flute flutterings give "Kyosmatik" a dreamy feel. "Sufisticated" is a journey through the vast , arid desert as the flute solo winds between the dunes. It's not until after 3 minutes that a bass line comes in, giving this track a haunting touch. Middle Eastern Ambient dub? If that wasn't enough, the track morphs into an upbeat psytrance track. Awesome!


The tribal groove is ramped up with "Psylence" as gurgling synths spin above a dark bass line. Right on time the flute makes an appearance, but it is so satiny soft you barely notice it. Sounds of the deep forest are interrupted by the growling of a didgeridoo in "Earth Calling Hawai." It's a guttural track, full of low, rumbling bass and the most minimal one on the album. Closing with "Atrium" the flute glides above more ancient percussion amidst whooshes and various other effects.


If you would have told me that a flute could carry some psytrance tracks, I would've thought you were nuts. This was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea what to expect, but between the lamenting flute and tribal percussion this is a hit. Warning, you have to be in the mood for it. But there are twists and turns in this music. This is not formulaic by any stretch. It is this originality that is refreshing. All the effects and psychedelia that we associate with psy are there, but with the mournful flute sounds and percussion put it over the top.






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