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Mantra Flow - Land of Lysergic


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Mantra Flow - Land of Lysergic

Multiplex Records 2009 (MULTIPLEX 012), http://www.multiplex-records.de


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Progressive fans out there, go and warn your neighbors, there's a new release that is going to shake your homes!


Panzar Produktionz, in collaboration with the label Multiplex Records from Germany, present you the debut EP release of the danish progressive act Mantra Flow. "Land of Lysergic" is the title of this piece and it's progressive goodness all over!


Those who have been around in the progressive underground scene in the last few months might have observed the launch of a production studio called Panzar Produktionz (Panzar Rekordz back then), who have declared themselves to swim against the generic "housy" undercurrent that has taken over the scene and to bring back the bite and the progression and the spirit of the sound ... the things that progressive music originally stood for. They also released the debut EP of the act Pusherstreet and are home to In Your Phaze Mastering, who already mastered various international releases...


Mantra Flow is another act from the Panzar Produktionz artist roster. The man behind this back in the August of 2008 founded act is Kristian Gjesing, who got his inspirations from the Danish Trance scene underground. He already worked with artists from that scene such as the aforementioned Pusherstreet, InYourPhaze, Electrocute, Bufo, Tribalistic Society, Erot, Shalal, Tulk and many others...


The sound of Mantra Flow is progressively raw in nature, but it's generally enriched with melodic elements and speedy funkiness, which makes it appear almost flying at times while still holding a grounding connection with the dancefloor through the hard, pumping rhythm. This already is audible in its entire spectrum when one listens to the first track of this EP, "Land Of Lysergic", the title track. It starts off phat and very basic progressive, but in the second half the bassline gets much funkier and more and more melodic elements are added until you have exactly this scenario I initially described. So there you have a really good first track that leaves a very refreshing and energetic aftertaste.

The second track "Interplanitary" I find even better than the first one! It's faster and still more melodic, which gives it a great deal of freshness and lightness and good vibes guaranteeing for a fast and colorful interplanitary flight while still grounded by the progressive music structure so that you don't get lost on a space walk. I really like that tune. Haven't been running to it yet, but I'm confident I could make a best time :)

Next is "Flowing Free", a track that goes back to more basic progressive territories. There you have it again, rawer progressive sound with light melodic elements. It's the most solely progressive track in nature on this EP and the longest track on it aswell. Not bad.

The fourth and last track on the EP is a collaboration between Mantra Flow and Eardrop, also a new and upcoming Danish act. The bassline has more phatness again and the style is quick and funky, a bit like the second track, but not that fast. I like the melodic elements and the quickness that swings along with them. This is sort of the style I begin to connect with Mantra Flow now -- fresh, quick, funky progressive with a psychedelic pinch! All in all the sound that Kristian is producing is a really good addition to the repertoire of Panzar Produktionz!


As a summary I want to stress out the exceptional goodness of the first two tracks! These two are almost worth it to make an extra vinyl pressing. I'm serious. They're damn awesome. But of course the other two tracks are very good aswell :)


And the best of it all comes last: this one is a FREE RELEASE! Available from Multiplex Records download page: http://www.multiplex-records.de/musicdownload.html








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