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Labyrinth - Spirit Sense :: dark melodic psy trance


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Here is a new psy mix featuring some deep dark atmospheric psy trance. Bouncy basslines and melodic elements with a touch of goa spirit. This mix was played at the Touch Samadhi Equinox Festival 2009 in North Carolina USA ( http://touchsamadhi.com )


* Labyrinth - Spirit Sense

* Date - November 2009

* Genre Psy Trance

* Length - 1:02:46

* Format 320 kbps mp3

* File size - 144 mb

* Equipment used - Numark Axis CD Players, Pioneer djm600 mixer






01. Aes Dana - Signs

02. Atriohm - Close to Nowhere

03. Hoodwink - Digital Rip

04. Ajja - Lingus Khan

05. Atriohm - Hybrid Synthesis

06. Becoming.Intense - Near Extinction

07. Scorb - Tundra

08. Dissociactive - Meteor Rain

09. Tranzlation - Shaman's Cry

10. Norwindia - Raggsokk

11. Overdream - Extraterrestrial Travellers

12. Aes Dana - Signs



Hope you enjoy the sounds, peace and light!


Check out our Pangea catalog of mixes at:








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