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Libération Animale



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01. Kluster - Bunker Mode (8:39) - 143 BPM

02. Bloomen - Blink (7:43) - 143 BPM

03. The Grobians - Flatulent Swamp (7:02) - 146 BPM

04. Ka-Sol - Coudy (7:29) - 144 BPM

05. Procs - Coffin Kick (8:34) - 153 BPM

06. Taigan Sun - Barbro (8:00) - 147 BPM

07. Attoya - Paradise Found (8:52) - 152 BPM

08. Traskel - Alien Elbow (8:28) - 146 BPM

09. Zoon - Owls In The Moss (6:37) - 146 BPM

10. Money Cannot Be Eaten - Bird Flu Helpline (8:24) - 147 BPM



Although it's the first release I bought from Inpsyde Media, I was really looking forward to it. It has some great names on the track-list (Kluster, Ka-Sol, Procs, Zoon, ...) which is a of course a good start for a forest trance compilation. :)


It starts interesting, with Kluster bringing a slow but pounding track. A bit static, but with enough variation and a very dark (not DAAARRRKKK!) feeling. Perfect to start listening to some mad psytrance. Next is Bloomen, apparently a new artist in the scene. Just like the first track it's not really 'evolving', but this time there are too many sounds I heard before in other tracks - the more typical glitches, soundscapes and psyfarts. The same can be said of Flatulant Swamp, the third track on the compilation and the first release of The Grobians. Again you can hear a more modern minimalistic approach, and I can't quite say I'm a fan of that.

Coudy, one of Ka-Sol's lighter releases actually (if you forget for a while about Fairytale), is number 4. Chaotic leads, hypnotic basslines, weird percussion, it just keep you going. Ending with a high pitched melody, it sounds a bit like a crossover between his tracks from Ghost Story and Fairytale. Very nice.

Procs, an artist where you can expect what you won't expect, made a more uptempo track, with a very ehh.. Looney Tunes feeling :D. Lots of tribal elements and weird sounds make this a very 'amusing' and funny song - with the necessary integrity of course ^_^.

The Taigan Sun track takes a while to really start, but around the 4th minute the party can begin. And please continue at track 7, where Attoya's Paradise Found speeds up the tempo. Not the most complex and original track ever made, but still good. Traskel follows the same course, but gets a little dull after a while.

Now, the highlight of this CD: Zoon. He officially released only 5 tracks, but every single one of them can be described as the title of his first released song: Heavy Shit. Overwhelming soundscapes and twisted melodies take over and won't let you go until the song's finished; put on a rubber around your head because there will be some serious mindfucking! Best track of this compilation, and one of my favourite forest tracks!

Money Cannot Be Eaten, a collaboration of Kiriyama and Someone I Don't Know, ends the album with weirdness. Though, not really in a good way. I've got a feeling they just put some random thoughts together. Not my cup o' tea.


Conclusion: a bit dissapointed considering the good tracklist, but not a bad purchase if you only buy this disc for a couple of tracks. Plus it's for a good cause. :P




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