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Kino Oko files for remixing available

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Hi everybody,


i would like to share with you files for remixing my tracks. Let’s start with two tracks now (more will come later):


“Mother Mature” from my last album “Alphabetically Divided Highway” released on Tribal Vision:




“Doggy Bag” from my single “The Doggy Bag EP” released on Digital Diamonds:





Please feel free to use these files to prepare your own remix. To release remix based on these files you don't need to ask for any permission. You are free to do what you want, release it wherever you want and whenever you want however you have to contact me magnes1000@poczta.onet.pl or skype: kino_oko and inform when and where you want to release remix and give me WAV file of your final work.


Files in archive are encoded lossless FLAC. Please use appropriate software to decompress and have 44.1, 16 bit WAV. BPM is stated in file names. Put all files in separate tracks starting from 0 time to have a startup setup - an original track as i composed it and released.


If you like to release remix to public you have to name it this way:

Kino Oko - Original Track Name (Your Name Remix or Remix Name)

for ex. Kino Oko - Mother Mature (Ugly Face Remix)


You are not allowed to release it as it is without any change however if you like to do so please ask for permission me and appropriate labels first.


If you like to have particular sounds separately or have special enquiry or questions feel free

to contact me magnes1000@poczta.onet.pl or skype: kino_oko and i will try to provide you with information or files. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you want to request your favorite track and have it earlier.



Have a lot of fun!


More tracks soon!


Kino Oko

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I gave up. Couldn't figure out how to split apart the sections into loops of the right length using Cubase. <_<

Just convert the FLAC files to WAV (like Kino Oko wrote) and drag them into your open sequencer in cubase... Then a window will pop up and ask you how to import the file. The default settings should be fine. If not, you want a single stereo channel. Then you should be able to see the waveforms in the given channel in the sequencer.


You do that with all the (FLAC->)WAV files(kick, bass, melody, percussion ect), so you have them all in individual channels.


Now, you can cut, move around, put effects on, and build your own track out of it.

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For some reason remixing has never appealed to me, usually don't even like using a pre-made sample loops.

It gets old fast and I have had an attempt to remix a track sitting on my hd for months that I rarely even open.

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