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Aquila - Gain Control


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1. Gain Control

2. Innerdrive

3. Electronic Ocean

4. Aquila Vs Ephedrix View catalog for Aquila Vs Ephedrix / Lifeform

5. Biometrics

6. Aquila Vs Chronos View catalog for Aquila Vs Chronos / Fuerza

7. Cutting Edge

8. De-Evolution

9. Down Under


Aquila are Jonas Dryhoel & Thomas Van Hulle. Born and raised in a small town in the Ghent vicinity in Belgium. Due to sharing interests they soon found each other and in 2001 they set up the ‘Mental

Gymnastics’ organisation. Organizing numerous psychedelic parties in Belgium enabled them to work their way into the Belgian psytrance scene. Their most infamous realizations include a legendary Astral

Projection party.


In the meantime Jonas (DJ Bonas) was testing out his mixing skillsand the two of them got interested in the production side of the music. Eager to learn more about these possibilities they took part in an

electronic music production course organised by the SAE institute in Rotterdam, Holland. Many hours of home production and the acquiring of the right hard- and software followed.


Early 2006 they met with the Dacru guys when they organized the Orientation Vol. 1 release party. The attention was startled for their music as well, leading to their participation in the next releases of

the Orientation series and the joining of the Dacru Records label. With many more future releases at Dacru and various labels in the pipelines, their powerful sound is bound to leave it’s imprint in the











This is pure morning fullon style, Energy, Motivated baselines, dancefloor directed and an absolute must for those who like Morning fullon.

Aquila already released some tracks on compilations but now presents their debut album with maximum force. Each and one of us already have heard

this formula of psytrance.

Nevertheless Aquila managed to create it's own concept. Strong baselines combined with a warm sound presented in many forms.

Creating your own sound and concept is one thing, but optimize it at the highest level possible is a bigger task.

I must say Aquila accomplished pretty good. The variations of baseline are always forthcoming. Creating patterns in melody and using them without the melody into te baseline

keeps the mind busy and provides an intelligence way of producing. The first track is imo my favorite. The track Gain control contains a certainly melody

that creates many expectations. You have to wait until track 4 when the release actual explodes and you can count on each track that delivers

the satisfaction they announced in the first track. And they do ! I can't help the fact comparing some of their patterns with a track of

Astrix & Highguy - Chaos. Their concept has the same warm, trancy influence. It will work perfectly on the dancefloor what is off course

a main feature of morning fullon in general. Besides that the floating climaxes are more then welcome. It's not common for morning fullon

artist, to use climaxes who are movable from the baseline. Off course technical they always are but Aquila manages to create a sort of traveling

feeling what goatrance fan's who like morning fullon once & while will appreciate a lot (just like me). Long reviews are not my intention anymore.

So ending with the fact that the mastering is well done by silicon sound which is a variable that influence but result is result.

A good job done by Aquila for the detailed production through the entire release.

Listening to Gain control on the dancefloor, speakers & headphones you will discover new sounds and variations. It senses your ear and sells

the new morning fullon we are all pass through in 2009.


Well done & curious for the next album


keep up the good work,


and for those where the summer is beginning or at it's peak,

This album will fit the moment perfectly.

If you are into morning fullon ! Although some traveling climaxes have a goatrance pattern which I appreciate a lot :-))


hope you enjoy it like I do...


grtz koen :-))

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At first few listens I also thought that it is missing something but it doesn't. Maybe there are less peak moments than in Digicult or Ephedrix albums released in 2008-2009 but it creates very strong futuristic and trancey atmosphere neither overly euphoric nor too dark, just the right spot.


Unfortunately everything Aquila released after this album was much weaker.

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