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play on words


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Guest deeznutz

up yours, off topic forum! ;)


your fave artistes, in disguise?


stinky gizzard

astral erection

defective spunk broom



hux flux (dont need ta doktor this one!)


plop circles

mississippi heterosexual


add to this list you psychotic monkey tribes!

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Guest phaeton

hmm okay ;)) lemme think ..




out of our width

pigs in farm


synthetic noise

crackpipe decree

space dog

alien blue

super mario fusion

howling cat scientists

infected washroom

mean huns of the prostitution


okay just admit it .. i suck hard heehhe ;)

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It's funny but I've been giving artists daft names like that for ages -


Ass'ole Protection


Flaying Whino

7 minute Abs-olum

East Attic

Auric Testicles (aka golden balls)


PMS vs System-BUST-ers

Graham's Wood

Mean Mums with a Resolution


Pisskopf Resonator

Cock's box

Mental Spunk



Parrot's Sense


Totally Flips

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Guest ZaRAMaTU

Spy-Rally Ants

Dim-Mansion Dive

The Mooses Apt

Omar Turban

One hound-rid donkey

Quirk - Quack (oh no, it's THE QUACKEN again!)

Crawling amid amethysts

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Ganja Troopers

Acid Budda

Donkey in the Box

Out of the universe

Mdma Lovers

Paranormal Psychoactivity

Forever Weed


Feed Me More

Space Junkie

Mafia Vs Cyberdog

Triosatanic Diabolator

The Revenge of The Dark Penguin

The Secret Move of The Crazy Octopus

Last One!

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