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Mastering in Cubase SX 3

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Hi all, :posford:


Ive recently finish my first track im supa happy with.


As you saw in my recent post, i had CPU problems, got that all sorted out, and managed to finish my track :rolleyes::lol:


Now Im moving onto tightening it up. I've used the WAVES bundle effect " REQ2" on most of my channels cutting out most of the unwanted low freq's and high's in some cases.

Ive also used Compression on quite a few channels, like my bassline and kick..

My track isnt clippin either, my highest dec level is -2.8, should it be higher...



any suggestions on any VST's i should be using to clean it up and also beef it up more? :rolleyes:





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No point, at best it would just make it twice as loud (and it most probably would clip if the track is currently peaking at -2.8dB, which is a good level); at worst you'd get stuff cancelling out and it would sound shit.

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