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CPU Overload/Audio Drop out detected (CUBASE SX 3)

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Hi everyone,


Been a while since ive posted here... :rolleyes:


Im busy trying to finish this track im working on atm, and im getting "CPU Overload/Audio Drop out detected" msg in Cubase SX 3...


Ive bounced down most of my midi into audio, and have also freezed most of VST's...

Ive only got 9 VST's instruments, of which 5 i have put on freeze now? and im still getting this bloody MSG <_<


Could it be that i got alot of stuff in my pool? or a dodgy vst...BUT remember its only happening in this one tune im making?


Please give me some advice, desparate, need to have finished this tune a week ago <_<:blink:

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try to search cubase forum..


is it happening all the time? also after a restart? do you have similiar number of tracks running compared to other projects or more audio?


yeah happens after retsart.but ive seemed to have made the "VST Performance" down by switching off some inserts i dont really need... can a VST Effect cause these problems? :unsure:

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can a VST Effect cause these problems? :unsure:

I don't know Cubase, but effects all take processing power, so yes they could contribute to a CPU overload. Some effects take more than others.

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