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V/A - Twilight Vision


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Title: Twilight Vision

Artist: Various

Label: Noize Conspiracy Records

Release: March, 2008



1. Delysid - Spartan Law (8:05)

2. Winter Demon & Phatmatix - Off LiMitS (7:01)

3. Lost & Found vs. Rabdom L - Ultimatum (8:02)

4. Iron Madness - Illegality Actions (7:15)

5. Khopat vs. Technodrome - Take Control (7:58)

6. Toxic - Waves Of Dawn (Delysid Rmx) (6:51)

7. Lost & Found - Jetblack (7:32)

8. Brain Hunters - Strange Fragments (6:37)

9. Damage - Techno Children (Zion Linguist RMX) (7:07)



Noize Conspiracy records has given us League of Shadows and Endangered Species compilations as well as Delysid's album, Noize Infection. While I wasn't a fan of the Delysid release, I have been very pleased with their compilation work. This label specializes in high energy lead driven psytrance. This was compiled by Mike Noize, and while I'm on the subject, i really dislike the way Discogs has chosen to list compilations. Instead of using various artists (which it is) it is now being listed by the compiler. Sometimes you're not going to know who compiled what compilation, but you will usually know the name of the compilation. *Gets down from soapbox* Now on to the cover. It is of a child staring off into the deep sunset, perhaps seeing something that only he can see. I dig it. A lot. So let us go see what he sees.


Delysid - Spartan Law- "No retreat...no surrender. That...is Spartan Law. And by Spartan Law we will stand and fight. And die. Spartans! Prepare for glory! A new age has begun. An age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it." As I previously mentioned, I am not a fan of Delysid's music, as it all sounds the same to my ears. But here they are starting off the compilation. Here they tackle on of the biggest movies (300), with that rousing soliloquy. The leads are sharp with a machine gun bass line. While I like the samples (and the movie) it seems as if they are just thrown together without concern as to the flow of the track. The break at 4:30 is very powerful however, with the Persian threatening Leonidus. Another thing I didn't care for was the kick rolls. God that is frustrating. 3 in less than 30 seconds. To me that is just laziness. This track is over! :angry:



Winter Demon & Phatmatix - Off LiMitS - Stephane teams up with Nimrod Dvir as hell is defined amidst scary pads and dungeon like percussion. As the bass line churns the pads of uncertainty paint a picture of no escape. A gurgling lead climbs out of its pit forming the foundation for another twisted lead. The break builds the tension as that twisted lead comes back for more. It's not a bad track, but I have heard Stepane build better for sure.




Lost & Found vs. Rabdom L - Ultimatum- Gerhard has struck gold on almost everything he has touched and as a member of Twisted System, Craig Hudson needs no introduction. The groove starts out very bounce worthy, with shots of acid aimed directly at my skull. An underlying demon spews forth hot breath during the break as lasers work to clear the air. A new lead dominates the track filling me with the urge to dance. The next break erupts into acid mayhem shortly after it arrives. Very cool stuff! Excellent track! :posford:



Iron Madness - Illegality Actions- I never gave Iron Madness a try because I thought he was too dark for me. I see now that I have wrongly judged a book by its cover. His track also begins with a 300 sample (did you guys all get together and have a matinée?). The bass riff is grimy as it is joined by a lick of acid. As another hot lead crawls out of the break, a precarious melody emerges to join even more 300 samples. The groove continues to grow as I find myself tapping my toe. Pretty good track!



Khopat vs. Technodrome - Take Control- Vasco Pedrosa and the 2 Shays are taking control. An alert siren ushers in a bass line as a voice tells me to take control. The track is a give and take, with starts and stops. At 2:46 the track begins its power surge. The leads are cutting, brimming over with menace. I think it would work better if it wasn't interrupted so frequently. However, out of the break another synth joins the acid parade amidst a tension filled sample that works quite nicely. Pretty good track as well.




Toxic - Waves Of Dawn (Delysid Rmx)- Delysid has a go at a track from Toxic off their album Sabotage. Some "wash" leads swirl around a pretty straight forward bass line. More leads are thrust into the fray which fill out the melody. More metallic melody appears out of a short break and fit very well with the rising synths. Not a bad track at all.


Lost & Found - Jetblack- "But I mean, what is your opinion on how safe this thing is? I can imagine no way in which this thing would be considered anywhere remotely close to safe. All I know is that I spent 6 hours in there and I'm still alive." Gerhard brings us Jetblack. An ominous pad conceals the above sample as I jump from wreckage of my spaceship. I climb into the groove buggy with lasers laying down some cover fire. The aliens weaponry is considerable, with sticky acid blasts which pin me down. I take cover from the onslaught, but only briefly. I'm on the run again, pursued by even more creatures straight from the blackest pits. I seem to have lost them, as they fire wildly without knowing where I am. Finding a groove cycle, I gun the accelerator and leap from the cliff, fleeing from my pursuers. Acid cannons blast the ground around me, as Jetblack aercraft release concussion grenades to halt my progress. As my cycle leaps away, I realize...I didn't escape at all. Best track on the disc! :posford:



Brain Hunters - Strange Fragments- "Where am I??? What the fuck is this shit???" I'm newly surrounded as sirens approach.

I drop the cycle in another gear as I try to out maneuver my pursuit. This is insane. I'm hit as I tumble to the ground. Can't stop now, I've gotta keep going. I fire lasers to give me some much needed cover, as I see a huge beast, weaving between my laser fire. It's black with leathery wings, and has hate in its eyes. Claws reach, and scratch my protective suit. My skin buns with acid hot fire, as I am caught and taken away. Pretty good track!


Damage - Techno Children (Zion Linguist RMX) - "Do you know where your teenager is at 5 o clock in the morning? The after hours club? Some say they coming looking for drugs, dirty dancing, and pounding techno music." Rising and falling pads force my eyes open to see that I am in some sort of arena. Grotesque humanoid creatures begin to circle me. I reach for my weapon, but grab nothing but air. I notice a crowd screaming for blood. I lunge for the closest "thing", and twist its neck, snapping it. As it falls I grab its sword and disembowel the next closest. Scary pads and chopped up strings become the soundtrack to my final days. I am bitten on the shoulder as talons in the form of a grungy lead spill my blood. The last thing I see are those eyes. Red, uncaring things. This track had a horror vibe to it, so I thought I would end my review in this way. Nothing special, but I was on a roll.




Conclusion: This was a pretty good compilation. Obviously for me the Lost & Found tracks were the stars. He is getting better and better all the time. Album anyone? An honorable mention goes out to Iron Madness who opened my eyes a bit. This is a "twilight" type of trance (wow, really?) and does it's job very well. The leads are awesome and for the most part I liked the flow of the disc. This is a label that seems to be on the rise with several great releases. I would recommend this. 8.2/10




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