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Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision


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Title: Synthetic Vision

Artist: Killer Buds

Label: Beyond Logic Records

Release: April, 2008



1. Classic Chronic (7:38)

2. Uninvited (8:29)

3. Future Anarchy (9:11)

4. Acid Rain (7:37)

5. Synthetic Vision (7:16)

6. Psychotic Dreams (7:23)

7. Copies Of People (7:42)

8. Killer Flux (6:57)

9. Backup System (7:37)

10. Neurominder (8:28)



I cannot think of a psytrance album that I was as excited to hear as this one. Killer Buds are Marcelo Espindola & Tarcisio Mainardi and their first studio release was Interfiber Skunk. It was a great CD and since then their compilation work has been stellar. Superman from A Little Lunacy? Behind U from Global Alliance? Everything is a Copy from In Crypto? Everyone a dance floor bomb. Let's talk cover. Not bad, me thinks, I like the swirly effect they have. But let's get to the meat.



Classic Chronic- Ok, here we go with the drug references, but I am not to surprised. Right off the bat, you can hear their acidic sound. The radio frequency effects make their presence felt and the bass line is front and center. When the synth washes and leads come in, it is pretty melodic. A little more on the light side than I am used to them, but a good track none the less. You can hear the "Conan" (I don't know what it is really called, but it is the big theatrical production form the 1982 film) song here but it is not too cheesy. We are off to a good start.



Uninvited- Eerie feeling with this one. There are samples of sirens, effect manipulation to make the track stutter and rise, and of course acid licks. The track takes a while to get going, but once it does, it is typical Killer Buds acidity! Not bad, peoples!


Future Anarchy-- More acidic madness and squirty leads. I couldn't understand the sample, but it appeared to be well placed. Not a big fan of the short key change, however. Decent track, but so far I'm waiting for the roof to be blown off.



Acid Rain- Wow, I bet you can't guess what sounds you will hear in this track? We start with some computer like sounds and it isn't long before the acid is upon you. The groove is nice, giving a look over your shoulder feel. I like how all the components of the tracks are there, but more importantly, the ancillary sounds that give this track a full sound. Sweet. :posford:



Synthetic Vision- Title track ladies, so this is where they have to step up. We start off with a firm groove and we transition into the break with a lot going on. When we come out of the 2nd break, we are in full melodic acid mode! Bouncy bouncy! There is acid everywhere! I am not cleaning this up. There is a slowing of the tempo to catch your breath, but it doesn't last long. Best track so far! :clapping:



Psychotic Dreams- "Son if a bitch. He kept smiling that damn smile. Made me watch. He made me watch!" Thumping bass line with a smattering of leads that stick to the bottom of your shoe. Acid leads the way (again!) with a doom like melody. The synth leads then bring the madness and we slide right into the soothing break. Well, soothing until you hear that appropriate scary sample. Awesome track! :posford:


Copies of People- "The antigen can't survive without a living host. However we may be able to salvage some viable basic protein analogs that will save us time in reculturing the antigen..." Wow, take a breath after that one. We start with more synths that take no prisoners. Give me more, all I can take and then some. The break continues the otherworldly vibe. Well done. As the synths fade against an angry bass line. When that sample hits and the synth mimics the bass line, pure bliss homey! Hi. Track? Meet repeat. :posford:



Killer Flux- "Aeon Flux is now considered a fugitive. She has betrayed the resistance and must be considered a threat." Holy crap this shit is good. You've struck a nerve my friends. A rumbling bass line barely audible growls underneath spacey synths and percussion. As the bass and acid mingle, new leads appear to fight for dominance. The acid is sticky, sticky sweet, and I am turned in all directions at once. The use of sounds to set the mood is brilliant as I am overwhelmed by this track. Magic! :posford:



Backup System- Tired yet? Me neither. Right back at it with scary melodies. There is great work with effects here. I like the start stop stutter of the track. It's not long, and doesn't kill the flow, just adds to the chaos. This is a futuristic ride that while not as fantastic as the previous 3-4 tracks, still has merit.



Neurominder- "Now just listen for a moment. Listen to the sounds around you." Last one, let's see how they finish. Quick start with chopped up samples. The insanity is pumped up to a maximal level here right into the break. You can feel the track rising just over the horizon, but it doesn't give it all to you yet. The tempo change flushes out the story, saying someone is a receiver. Bam! I know that movie. Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon. You know that only 8% of the population is hypnotizable. When the track glides into the finish line, we are met with acidic euphoria and great effects. Bravo you magnificent bastards! :posford:



Conclusion:- Wow. Just wow. After a kinda slow start, this disc repeatedly bludgeons you in the face. There is so much acid and power that any fan of their previous effort will adore this disc. The sounds may sound a bit samey in the foreground, but the sounds and effects used toenhance the track are marvelous! Their sample placement is perfect to my ears. Not overbearing. I cannot say enough good things about this record, one of the best I have heard in a while. Do yourself a favor. If you are a fan of high powered psytrance, get online and order this. You will not be disappointed. 9.0/10

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