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V/A - Visionary System


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Title: Visionary System

Artists: Various

Label: Looney Moon

Release: May 2008


1. Insect Slush - Principles of Flight (8:09)

2. Random Access - Digital Talk (8:09)

3. Adrenaline - Phatmatix (8:43)

4. Polar Shift (Illegal Machines Remix) - Psymmetrix (6:42)

5. Not Myself - Konflux (8:11)

6. No Name - B55 (7:25)

7. Acid Mind - Lenz (7:49)

8. Access System - Junesix (8:40)

9. Off My Nut - Killer B (7:44)

10. Neural Connection - Nukleall (7:37)



Mars is right. As members, we have fallen down on the job by not providing enough reviews for people. This is mainly an informative site I believe and as such, more quality reviews would give the reader more information as to which releases he or she would choose. I'm as guilty as anyone, so I will try and get the ball rolling this weekend.



This is a compilation by Looney Moon. According to Saiko, this is an Italian Label that is providing its first release after mainly throwing parties. There are a couple of well knowns (Phatmatix and Digital Talk) and several lesser knowns. As far as I am concerned, Phatmatix can do no wrong (his album still gets play from me) and Digital Talk is right behind him lately. So let's see what we've got.



Insect Slush - Principles of Flight- Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin start us off with the first track. What is Insect Slush? Ew...sounds gross. The kick is heavy and the bass line scramble across the track with various effects smushed into our ears. The break at 4 minutes sounds like dripping water with an army of ant legs on the march! There really isn't any melody to speak of, but you can tell the mood is one of twilight. Nothing special.



Random Access - Digital Talk- Julien and Luc are up (hey how 'bout a new album gentlemen?) and the kick is even heavier here. Short lasers fire about and we are firmly into full-on night territory. Throw in some metallic leads along with a wailing sound and here we are. The break creates a nice atmosphere, and is short-lived. This is a groovy thumping track with a very cool "minor key" feeling to it. :posford: BTW, if you have ever looked at the Discogs pic of Digital Talk, one of them looks like he will steal your girlfriend and the other one can't wait to tell you about it! :lol:




Adrenaline - Phatmatix- Stephane Rault continues the dark vibe with his pounding kick and ominous leads. Lasers trickle about amidst a synth that is intent on punching you in the face. When the acid joins the party, the game is truly on. Very straight forward take no prisoners power psy! Awesome track! :posford:



Polar Shift (Illegal Machines Remix) - Psymmetrix - This is a track by Psymmetrix (not a big fan of his album) remixed by Illegal Machines. I had no idea who they were, but it appears they have a few tracks sprinkled about. Samples speak of a subject that has been frozen since 1973....nearly 200 years. So I guess we are in the future. Leads all over the place dancing above a very low bass line. This is very psychedelic especially when the tempo changes near the 4 minute mark. The tempo changes back seamlessly creating a nice groove. Nice Track! :clapping:



Not Myself - Konflux - Vasily Myazin hasn't been very productive as of late, but has a track on the Sidewinder compilation. I have been trying to track that one down, so if you guys got an extra one, send it my way! :lol: The bass line here scratches it's way underneath an equally scratchy lead. The break brings some light pads before plunging back into the darkness. The 2nd break gives some promise with a robotik sample while the beat gently gurgles. This is a pretty nice dark track with not a lot of melody so if that's your thing, you'll love it. I dug it.




No Name - B55- No Name? Really? Isn't that kind of lazy? Leave it to the Japanese to go the extra mile! ;) But seriously, these 2 guys have been on some of the better comps recently so hopes are high. The beat drops like a hammer and come over you like a tsunami. The break allows you to catch your breath, but not for long. There is zero variation in this track however, but if you like your beats straight forward without a lot of bells and whistles...suit up bitch. :ph34r:




Acid Mind - Lenz- This guy is head of the Austrian (there is such a thing?) label Leemusic. This track has some "wash" leads like a lot of DarkPsy, and a 1/16th note bass line. Yeah, um...that's all I got. Keep it moving, nothing to see here. -_-



Access System - Junesix- No clue who this is, but that's a cool moniker! Although, maybe if you spelled six with a 6... If there was a fight between Junesix and Kode Six, who would win? I digress..this track has a lot of...it really creates some...hmmm. I'm not going to lie to you, there wasn't a whole lot going on with this one. Just some scrapey leads and the usual bass line. Did it really have to go on for almost 9 minutes?



Off My Nut - Killer B- Love the title. I think of the Simpsons episode where Chief Wiggum tells Mr. Burns that he has gone off his nut and...ah, you know the rest. Bennie, head of Amoeba records weighs in with this effort. Pretty straight forward (I seem to be saying that a lot for this compilation) with a metallic lead bouncing about a grumbly bass and 4/4 kick. I have the same problem with this track as with the last 3: no highs, no lows, it just is. On or off. Even my boring halogen lamp at home has a dimmer.



Neural Connection - Nukleall- wow, we certainly have tailed off since Konflux, haven't we? Whoever this is, they made an appearance on Shotu's album, and I don't remember that either. Squirty leads peak in and out, with a light assortment of lasers.



Conclusion: This compilation started of great with some high energy, high power tracks. Unfortunately the momentum was unable to be maintained, with some rather unspectacular efforts near the end. As I mentioned, the weaker tracks really didn't seem like they had any direction and just plodded along. The good tracks were the first 4, maybe 5, and then there was the rest. 7/10.



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