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V/A - No Time No Space

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Parvati are a bit like a pet dog. Faithful, reliable – they’ll always deliver the goods and quite often they’ll deliver them exactly when and where you want them to.




It is at this point that my analogy ends. Parvati doesn’t shit on the carpet, nor does it lick its balls in front of the fire. Also, it doesn’t have four legs (although I’d hazard a guess it has more than two.)




No Time No Space continues in the vein of the Psy Stories series. The vibe is menacing and gnarly, but never too far away from that sense of humour. Indeed, if darkpsy can be characterised by snarling evilness, which I think it probably can, then Parvati is a force of good up against the evil bizarro-world X-Men (by which I mostly mean those Russian producers causing irreversible damage to the space time continuum from the confines of their bedrooms.)




Jahbo turns up trumps once again with Ultrasonic Energy, Mussy Moody’s New Visions is the perfect soundtrack to your inevitable descent into insanity, and System Overload vs Mubali’s Swan Song is relentless stuff, even if the production sounds a little unbalanced.




For those looking for instant gratification on the Saikosounds samples, check Kuro Fusion’s The Druids Dipsauce – utterly frenetic, insane, wonderful music that’d make you think more than once before playing to your mum.




I loved Papiyan’s breakneck Lurendrejer, a delightfully scratchy ditty that has me vaguely in mind of the Syncro 12”s released years ago on Tip, except with added reverb. Likewise Arjuna’s lysergic squelch Chemical Jungle, and the changes in Onkel Dunkel’s intriguingly-titled Beware Geeks Bearing GIFs are nothing short of divine.




There will be people who say that this stuff is the only true psychedelic music around, and and then there will be those who say it’s nothing of the sort and only serves as fuel for young ravers who’ve yet discovered what it’s like to dance past 9am. Both camps are missing the point: No Time No Space is, like the Parvati releases that have come before it, bloody good music and that’s all that should matter.






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amphiton    2

My fav darkish compilation this year and probably the best from Parvati.

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