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Old gold collection


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Seeing you are very intersted in my old gold I wanna present to you old gold collection, a collection of my old tracks that were products of my exploring the realms of my virtual analog synth.. Tracks are roughly mixed and done in setup that didnt suit well for me so dont expect some high quality stuff.. Now Im working in much more suitable software enviroment and recent track cant even be compared to these old, but still I like them very much

Your welcome to drop a comment and say which track do u like the most..





Meltin hearts

Blind faith

Just believe

Timeless eternity

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I listened to Timeless Eternity


I'm gonna be honest. I'm not a big fan of this style so it would be difficult to be objective.

Still I think that your track is much more better than most of the stuff released today.

It has a twilight feeling. It's dark, but in a 'sexy' way. :)

Lot of effects and nice liquid sounds,

It sounds like ECT meets BLT.


Like I said not my style, but interesting.


Keep it up!!! :clapping:

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Do you make the cover yourself? :blink:

What do u think? If your review of a track was that good than of course I made it myself.. It supposed to be the album but I wasnt quite satisfied in the end so its a promo..

After a lot of experimentation with styles Im making another "dark but in a sexy way" track and its going to rock.. I think Ill get that released if I finish it good.. timeless eternity is great stuff.. Let me know if someone wants to do a remix.. I could probably dig it up somehow..

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I'm gonna review through laptop speakers so maybe I'm missing some details


Meltin hearts---Minimal dark and a lot of techno elements.Nice production.

Blind faith ---Too techy for me.Nice production

Just beleive --- Nice basssynth at 2 40 electro style.The quality is very good again.Just it isn't my style.

Timeless eternity---The best of this compilattion.Alien sounds and dark bass.


Keep the inspiration

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