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do you use the arpeggiator?

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It would be cool to write a song that was so over-the-top automatically arpeggioed that the automatic aesthetic sounded deliberate, but also make it catchy and classy.






and my personal favorite..



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You can't possibly be suggesting that Tiesto, Armind Van Buuren an Paul Van Dyk write their own melodies and arpeggios, can you? I mean they're obviously catchy and classy.

Like needle ninja my synth also doesnt have arp but I compensate that with arp on my midi..

So Tiesto uses same arp as I do and he does that with CME Bitstream.. That midi has thousands of arp patterns and everyone is changeble.. So tiesto is not some hot shot obviously, he just has a good gear for live performance.. I personally dont use that arp also but its really good, also it has lfo so u can do some mess.. Quick way to create something live.. But for production I rarely use some arp pattern from "some random guy"..

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